Matt Court Arena Floor Unveiled

The Oregon Ducks, known for flashy uniforms, uptempo football teams and mascots that can do countless numbers of push ups, unveiled a key element to the new basketball facility on Friday that would stand it apart from any other arena in the country. A unique arena floor is being installed that is designed referencing the Pacific Northwest and two individuals who made it all happen.

According to a media release on Friday, the new floor, which is currently being installed will graphically represent the Pacific Northwest and the two men who made the new arena possible -- Phil Knight and Pat Kilkenny.

"We wanted to design the most iconic television presence possible for the University of Oregon by conjuring up a highly unique and visible basketball floor design," said Tinker Hatfield, vice president for design and special projects for Nike, in release. "It's inspired by our beautiful tree-covered region and the UO 1939 NCAA Championship basketball team nick-named the 'Tall Firs.'"

The floor, is named after Kilkenny, the former Oregon Athletic Director and long-time supporter, is a representation of a view from beneath a forest of fir trees. Also present on the floor is the new arena logo, designed for the namesake of the building, Matthew Knight.

"We wanted to pay respect to Pat Kilkenny, and the Kilkenny family, by telling their story in a classy and subdued series of three symbolic graphics," Hatfield said.

Marrow County and Heppner (Ore.) where Kllkenny grew up is depicted. Also depicted are symboles of Kilkenny's education at Oreogn in the 1970s interlocking the UO logo adorned with three shamrocks representing "his very green and very Irish heritage." Symbolizes of the San Diego beach and sunset where Kilkenny became a highly successful entrepreneur and still resides today.

As a finishing touch, the phrase "Deep in the Woods" is located below the Matt Arena logo. These words embody the intimidation the venue will pose for visiting teams, and add soul to the building.

The first men's basketball game scheduled in new arena is January 13, 2011 against USC.


Floor is a Connor Sports Flooring Quicklock Portable Floor (The same surface used for NCAA Men's and Women's Basketball Championships)
Floor was manufactured in the upper peninsula of Michigan in the town of Amasa, Mich.
Wood used for the floor was donated by Gonyea Family/Timber Products Co., of Eugene/Springfield
Floor is 6,944 square feet of Northern Hard Maple that is from an FSC Certified Forest
Fabrication of Raw Floor took one week to complete
There are 225 interlocking panels weighing approximately 45,000 total pounds

Graphics were completed by United Services based in Idaho Falls, Idaho
Graphics took 2,500 man hours to complete
Almost 2 miles of stencil material was utilized for the completion of the graphics
More stencil material was used on this floor then used for the other 30 floors Connor Sports Flooring completed this year

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