Ducks Hold "Slight" Edge For Shelton

It's down to Oregon and Washington for Auburn (WA) Auburn Senior four-star defensive tackle, Danny Shelton.

Tell us about your overall experience during your official visit to Oregon this past Friday.

"Just taking the visit was a good experience. They showed me the school a little bit better because I went there for a Junior Day. The school made Oregon look better to me. It changed my perspective of it and I like Oregon a lot more now."

After taking your official visit to Oregon, have you rearranged where they stand for you?

"I'd say they're still up there with Washington, but with probably a slight lead."

What stood out to you the most during your visit?

"Being in a college town. It's a great college town and there's just so many fans there too."

What were your impressions of Autzen Stadium? Have you ever been to a game there before?

"I walked on the field for Junior Day, but I finally got to go to a game. It was pretty exciting and super loud too."

What kinds of activities did you get to do with the team during your visit?

"I got to have breakfast and pre-game meal with them and I got to hang out with some of the freshmen in the dorms after the game."

Did you tour any of the facilities around Autzen or on campus?

"They took me to campus and it was pretty nice. The new basketball arena they're making -- when I was there for my Junior Day I saw they were still working on it, but I went over there and it looks like they're almost done. It looks pretty nice and I guess they're making a new facility for football too."

Who hosted you on your visit?

"They had me with Bryan Bennett at first and then with Ricky Heimuli...we just hung out with some of the other freshmen. We hung out in their room and just played NCAA (Football 11)."

What was it like getting an opportunity to spend some quality time with the coaches?

"It was cool. I ate with the coaches too and just had a good time with them. Coach (Chip) Kelly, coach Azz (Jerry Azzinaro), and coach (Steve) Greatwood were all pretty cool to hang out with. I got to sit down in coach Kelly's office and he talked to me about the program and everything which was a pretty cool experience."

Has Oregon specified where exactly they would like to play you if you committed?

"I've talked to them about playing defense. They're probably going to put me at defensive tackle or nose guard."

What are your impressions of coach Azz as your potential future position coach?

"Coach Azz is a crazy dude (laughter). He reminds me of one of my coaches (in Auburn) -- coach (Dan) Irwin -- he's like a father figure to me. Coach Azz is kinda the same as him. Coach Azz is a straight-up, real dude."

Who accompanied you on your visit?

"My three brothers and my cousin."

What was your family's impression of Oregon on the visit?

"They said it was nice. They hadn't seen anything like it and they probably will never see another facility or campus like Oregon's. They just liked everything."

Did you get a chance to hang out with any of the other recruits on your visit?

"Yeah, I got to talk with Brendon Bigelow. Me and him both visited Washington at the same time too for an official visit and I remember talking to him. He was really thinking about committing to Oregon. There was a JUCO defensive lineman (Jared Ebert) and another guy -- I don't know if he was a JUCO -- but it was Brandon Bair's brother. They had a JUCO receiver (Rahsaan Vaughn) and another guy there too...everyone looked like they were having a good time. They were connecting with each other."

Was there an urge for you to commit while you were on your visit?

"A little, but I already told my mom I wouldn't do anything while I was there without her consent. I'd really want to go there (though). It was pretty nice. I'm going to sit down and talk to my family for a bit and it'll be either Washington or Oregon."

How would you rate your visit to Oregon?

"I'd probably give it a 8.5."

Do you have any other official visits set up? Is there a date for when you'd like to have a decision made?

"I don't have any other visits set up, but I might make a decision in January maybe."

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