Wednesday Practice Notes

It was business as usual as the Ducks' completed Wednesday's practice inside the Moshofsky Center. With the biggest game in school history just days away, Oregon head coach Chip Kelly notices no change in his team's focus moving forward.

"We have a few guys that have to look at the schedule," laughed Oregon head coach Chip Kelly after practice Wednesday morning. "Unfortunately, we still have a few guys that have to look at the schedule." Despite the fact the season is winding down and the Ducks have appeared unflinching with regard to their focus and determination this season, Kelly relented that progress still remains to be made in certain aspects of his football program. However, in lieu of a handful of "stragglers" as Kelly termed it, the Ducks' headman has been very satisfied with his squad's day-by-day approach to football; a welcomed change Kelly has noticed since last season.

"We haven't deviated from really what we've done last year to this year," admitted Kelly. "It's really the same kind of set-up and I think there's something to be said about the consistency, in terms of our approach, in terms of the days we practice, and how we practice."

The lack of "nervous energy" surrounding the team heading in to Saturday's game shouldn't be mistaken for complacency though. According to Kelly, this team is "excited" for the challenge that lies ahead for them in Corvallis.

"There's an excitement about playing this game," said Kelly. "We just finished up a really good Wednesday's been the same thing (all year) besides not letting you guys (the media) in, and that's just a tradition thing. I really wanted to let you guys in, but I just wanted to honor the tradition of the (Civil War) game."

Tongue and cheek aside though, Kelly has been steadfast in his preparation, a firm believer in sticking with what works.

"We're gonna stick with the same (approach)," remarked Kelly. "It's worked 11 times. I'd be crazy to deviate now."

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