Oregon The "Right Place" For Carson

A strong Texas pipeline already established and Oregon head coach Chip Kelly and his coaching staff are now beginning to set roots with specific high schools in the Lone Star State. With one highly touted player already on the roster from Texarkana's Liberty-Eylau High School, the coaching staff went back to East Texas to pick up the next prodigal star in their backfield.

Overall, how did your visit go?

"Things went well. They showed me around the facilities and the school and everything was perfect."

What made you feel like the University of Oregon was the right place for you?

"Really, it was coach (Gary) Campbell and coach (Chip) Kelly and talking to the players and hanging out with the players. I just feel like Oregon is a place that I need to be."

Who specifically did you talk to when you notified the coaches of your commitment?

"I told coach Kelly. I told coach Campbell before I came that I really liked it and that if I liked the visit that I was going to commit. I told him that before I came, but when I got there, I told coach Kelly."

What was their reaction when you told them you were committing?

"All of the coaches were really hyped up and they were happy."

What kinds of things did you do while on your visit?

"The students weren't in school -- they had all gone home for Christmas break -- so really I just hung out with the players and that was pretty much it."

Which players on the team did you spend the most time with?

"Then first day I spent time with LaMichael (James) and Darron Thomas and then on Saturday, I spent time with Josh Huff and Bryan Bennett."

Was there anything in particular that stood out to you about Oregon while you were on your visit?

"Really, it was how the players were. They're so cool with each other...it's like one big family."

What was it like being able to meet some of the other coaches on the staff?

"It was cool. All of the coaches were really cool and they all seemed like they really wanted me to come there. It was cool."

Did anyone accompany you while on your visit?

"No. I was by myself."

How does your family feel about you coming to Oregon all the way from Texas?

"My family has told me that they are behind me 100 percent on my decision."

Were there any other recruits on the official visit with you?

"JaJuan Story...I could tell he was having a good time. He liked it too."

How would rate the visit on a 1 to 10 scale?

"I would rate it as a 10 (laughter)."

When do you plan on being in Eugene? Do you plan on getting here in the summer or are you gonna get here early for spring ball?

"I probably won't go to Eugene until the summer."

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