Ducks in Shells for Practice

Scottsdale, Ariz. -- The Oregon Ducks took the practice field today at Pinnacle High School. Wearing shells and helmets, Oregon allowed the media to watch the first 15-minutes of practice, however no players or coaches were available to answer questions.

Oregon arrived in Arizona on January 2 and started practicing on Monday, however all practice closed except for special cases allowing media to photo the Ducks going through warm ups.

All players from the 2010 season were available including senior back up quarterback Nathan Costa. While Costa was dressed in practice gear and participated in some of the warm ups, there is no indication that he will play in the upcoming BCS Championship game with Auburn on January 10.

Probably the most interesting thing about practice today was that there were at least 50 members of the media assembled to watch the first 15 minutes.

The video below shows example of what the attending media was able to see.

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