Kelly's Insights The Team Oregon is Building

Scottsdale -- Oregon's Chip Kelly was on the podium today responding to a multitude of questions from the massive assemblage of national media. A topic that was brought up was the type of team the Ducks are building and the kind of player the Ducks are seeking out.

Kelly responded to questions on many topics but some of the more interesting responses dealt with the kind of team the Ducks are building and the type of players Oregon seeks out.

"I just think there are so many good players out there and that with the 85 scholarship limit and the fact you can only sign 25 in the classes that not all players can go to one school and you can't stockpile talent," said Kelly. "I think there is a mind-set from the coaches out there, you know, in schools like our situation, it is about developing the talent that you get. We don't always win the recruiting battles. We are not always number one in the country on the recruiting list. It doesn't mean anything when you look at the star system for high school kids coming out. It is about finding the right fight for your University and developing them when you get there. I think that's what our staff has done a great job of, is developing the talent that we have."

While the Ducks are in the middle of preparation for playing for the BCS title, the UnderArmor and US Army All-American games have showcased some of the nation's top high school athletes, some of whom have expressed interest in the Ducks. Kelly is restricted from talking specifically about any potential student-athlete, but he did give a glimpse of the kind of player he and his coaching staff are interested in.

"I don't want a kid that wants to come here because of our rankings," said Kelly. "I want a kid that wants to come to the University of Oregon to get a great degree, to be at a great university, to be coached by an unbelievable staff, and has a passion for playing football. If he's going to pick another school over us because of the rankings, then I don't want him."

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