Kelly's Sunday Morning Presser

Scottsdale -- Chip Kelly is ready to go. Kelly took the podium this morning and opened his remarks by saying, "Game is tomorrow night. Let's go play. Questions?" With that he responded to a number of questions about his team as they wait one more day until the BCS Championship game, tomorrow night with kickoff scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Mountain Time.

(PHOTO) Oregon head coach Chip Kelly speaks during a news conference Sunday, Jan. 9, 2011, in Scottsdale, Ariz. Oregon faces Auburn in the BCS National Championship NCAA football game on Jan. 10 in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Morry Gash)

Kelly addressed a number of issues including what he feels his team has to do to win the game.

"There are a lot of things we have to do," replied Kelly. "Defensively, obviously, it is run to the ball and tackle. It is going to come to a game of fundamentals. Offensively we have to be able to control their front four. And obviously the turnover game is going to be huge. Whoever wins that turnover battle is probably going to win the game."

However, Kelly expects his team to go out "cut it loose, have fun (and) have fun playing football." The Oregon coach thinks his team's mind-set is good and has been consistent all season long. Regardless of the opponent, his team looks at each foe as faceless and while the Ducks prepare against the scheme, they have not been caught up in specific players across the line of scrimmage, whether that opponent be Andrew Luck, Matt Barkley or Cameron Newton. Kelly confessed that his team "can't simulate Cam Newton" however Kelly indicates his team concentrates on what the Ducks do.

"It's about what we do, how we execute," said Kelly of his team's mind-set. "We control that. I think they're where they need to be right now."

Kelly also addressed a number of other questions including what would he, a forward-thinking person, make any rule changes, but in typical Kelly-fashion he avoided any controversy.

"I think one of the things that makes me a really good forward-thinker is I only worry about my job," responded Kelly. "I'm not in charge of college football and I got no plans on doing that for a while, so I will just take care of my team."

When pressed about whether the BCS actually works, Kelly did lighten things up.

"I got no idea, seriously," answered Kelly to the question about who well the BCS works. "I don't worry about things l have no control over. We're playing against Cam Newton, and I'm worried about trying to tackle him than straighten out what some people consider right (or) not right. I don't know. Just tell me (what) the rules of the game are and I will play by it.

"Let me put it this way," said Kelly with a smile. "I don't agree with the speed limit, but I got to follow it."

During the media conference Kelly was pressed about the significance of the SEC success in the BCS Championship game. Kelly pointed out that the Ducks were not under any pressure to win this one for anyone else but for Oregon.

One question asked of him was regarding a report that he refunded the ticket price paid by an alleged Oregon fan that was so upset by the loss at Boise State that he demanded a refund and if that fan had returned the refunded money now that Kelly and the Ducks are in the BCS Championship game.

Kelly said "no comment."

Even though the upcoming game is the biggest event in college football, Kelly has worked hard to keep his team ground in reality of just how significant this game really is in the overall scheme of things.

"It is still a football game," observed Kelly of the BCS Championship. "There was nothing more evident to our players than yesterday after practice I sat there and I said this could be the game of your life and all these other things.

"Then we got a chance to meet four kids from the Make-a-Wish Foundation. You tell your kids you are playing the game of your life and you've got four kids that are battling for their lives and all they want to do is meet our team. So I think it puts it into perspective for our players."

- Kelly mentioned that despite Nate Costa working out with the team in practice, there is no plan to use the injured senior quarterback in tomorrow night's game.

- Following Kelly's time on the podium, the ESPN broadcast crew took the stage for an ironic Media briefing. It was a media organization, briefing members of the media on a media event. Included in the ESPN panel was former Oregon head coach and athletic director, Mike Bellotti. Even though he was the last person to speak in the chain of personalities including Kurt Herbstreit, Erin Andrews and Jesse Palmer, it was Bellotti whom the amassed group of reporters was really interested in talking to. Bellotti said that he was interested in the opening at Stanford; however no one has approached him about the job. When it was pointed out to him that BSU's Chris Peterson maybe the front-runner for the job, Bellotti said that, "if I was Stanford, I would hire Chris Peterson."

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