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A relentless, hard-nosed player who has a knack for being around the football, Temecula (CA) Chaparral three-star linebacker C.J. Dozier heads in to his senior season as a standout at linebacker in the State of California. With family roots in the Pacific Northwest, Dozier would love to hear more from the Pac-12's two-time reigning champs.

Do you have a scholarship offer from Oregon?

"No, not from Oregon."

Have you had any contact with any coaches from Oregon?

"No. I met a coach when he came to my school, but that's about it."

How long ago did they visit your school?

"This was like a month ago maybe."

Do you remember the coach's name?


Have you been receiving an mail or anything like that from Oregon?

"I receive little scores and stats and little pictures of their facilities and stuff like that, but that's pretty much it. I was getting a lot of it during the season, like almost everyday."

What's your overall interest in Oregon as a program?

"I love Oregon! I lived there for a little while actually by Eugene. I have family that lives out near Eugene. I've seen the campus and I like what they're doing and everything and I'd love to play there. I think it would be a good experience."

Where in Oregon does your family live?

"I have family in Florence, I have family in Junction City I think and my grandma lives half the year in San Diego and half the year up there in Cheshire. My mom's family lives all up there."

When you think about the program, what stands out to you the most about it?

"They really get after it, they play hard. They don't necessarily have the biggest guys or the fastest guys, but their coach gets them to play really hard and they get after it every week. That's my type of environment."

How would you describe yourself as a player?

"I'd like to think I have a high football I.Q. I have knowledge of what's going on, who's gonna be where, and I have tenacity. I have a motor and I keep going. It's like I want to make every play."

Is there a player at the collegiate or professional level that you try to pattern your game after?

"I don't try to pattern anybody cause I just try to be myself, but if there's anybody that I love the way they play it's Vontaze Burfict. I've watched him since high school and ever since he was at Centennial, I've just been a big fan of his."

What are you looking for in a program?

"At this point, I like schools that are showing me love. Schools that aren't contacting me right now, it's like, how do I put them ahead of a school that's been showing me love since my sophomore year? A big thing for me is the coach's job security because I don't want to go in to a situation where the coaches that recruited me leave or get fired and then I'll be stuck. More than anything, (I want) a place that has a good education but that at the same time, they're gonna get after it on the football field and handle their business."

Have you given any thought as to what you might want to study once you get to school?

"If I went to Oregon, I'd probably go business, but if I went to USC or UCLA or one of those kinds of schools, I'd would actually go more towards film."

What offers do you hold from other schools right now?

"Yeah I have an offer from Washington, Arizona, Arizona State, New Mexico, and I think that's it right now."

Do you have any favorites among schools that have or have not offered you yet?

"Washington has been talking to me since my sophomore year, so I really like them right now at this moment. I've always liked USC. Coming up as a kid, I was always a Trojan fan...they're in my top couple and Oregon would be right up there. If I had a top three, it would probably be Washington, Oregon, and USC."

Do you have any plans to go to any camps? Junior Days? Unofficial visits?

"I'm planning on going to USC's Junior Day in March and hopefully attend a couple of camps this summer and see where that goes."

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