McCord Likes Oregon's Academics

Former Duck defensive end Kenny Rowe can be held responsible for the introduction of the hybrid rush end position that Oregon utilizes on defense. The task now is to find the next Kenny Rowe. In Tampa (FL) Jefferson Senior defensive end/linebacker target, Tyriq McCord, the Ducks hope they can keep the tradition alive.

Do you currently have an offer from Oregon?

"Yes sir, from what I know."

Do you know how long ago you received that offer?

"Way back. I believe it was after my first junior game."

Do you know which coach from Oregon offered you?

"No sir I'm not sure. They talked to my old head coach."

Since then, what kind of contact have you had with Oregon?

"They've been sending me messages on Facebook, sir, and I've been getting mail throughout the season about all their games and what not. The messages I've been getting on Facebook, they've been sending me little videos of the games that they've played in -- all the big games and what not -- all the way up to the championship game, sir."

How often would you say that you receive messages and e-mails from them?

"Pretty often. I'm not sure about Facebook. I get to them when I can, but I get (mail) often...I'd say every other day."

What is your overall interest in Oregon at this point?

"I'm highly interested in every school, sir. But for Oregon, I am interested. They have a good sports marketing program and that's something I may want to major in, including business. The football program is nice, the uniforms are nice of course -- my mom is in love with their uniforms -- so I'm highly interested in them, sir."

How would you describe yourself as a player?

"Fearless, sir. I don't really think during the play -- I do before the play -- but during the play I don't really think, I just get after the quarterback. The only time I think is after (the quarterback) throws the ball and I know I'm not allowed to touch him, but during the play I don't think. I just want to get to the quarterback. I pretty much play like a Clay Matthews or Terrell Suggs, because that's the position I wanna play at the next level, in the league, if I make it that far. I try to be somewhat like them, sir."

Have schools specified whether they want you at defensive end, linebacker, or some combination of the two?

"Most schools say they want me at both...I'd love to play that 'flex' position, because I like giving the quarterback different looks every down. I especially like to put my hand in the dirt and stand up."

You mentioned Clay Matthews and Terrell Suggs. Are those two players that you try to pattern your game after?

"Yes sir. Ray Lewis (too), he has a lot of passion for the game and he pretty much shows it on the field too. You can tell that that's a football guy, on and off the field, and I want to be somewhat of a copy of him."

What are you looking for in a program?

"Education is the main thing, sir. Coaching style, just coaches period -- I'm gonna have to be able to like them. Pretty much that's it. That's all I know for right now. Distance really isn't a factor to me, but I'm pretty sure it is for my mother and may be something (they're concerned with), but if the education comes first, they won't have a problem with it."

What are some of the offers that you have from other schools at this point?

"I have Notre Dame, Florida, South Florida, Texas Tech, Rutgers, South Carolina, USC and that's all I know for right now."

Do you have any leaders out of schools that have or have not offered you?

"No sir. I don't have no top whatsoever, sir. I'm still wide open."

Do you have any plans to go to any camps? Junior Days? Unofficial visits?

"As far as visiting other schools, I'm not sure how or where I would go."

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