Seumalo Impressed By Oregon's "Energy"

A homegrown talent with national appeal, Corvallis (OR) four-star offensive lineman Isaac Seumalo is a highly coveted athlete in the trenches in the Class of 2012. eDuck Sports sat down with Seumalo after his Junior Day visit to Oregon to get his impressions of the event last Saturday.

What were your overall impression of Junior Day at Oregon?

"I really liked it. It was really cool. All the facilities were very impressive. I really liked the practice too, they run at a really high tempo during their scrimmage and stuff...I came away really impressed."

Was there anything specific about your visit that stuck out to you while you were there?

"The food was really good (laughter), that was one of the highlights. I really liked that they're gonna have the brand new facilities in 2012, so they'll have a whole new weight room. They have a bunch of really cool stuff in the facilities with their training room and rehabilitating stuff, which is really good to know."

Have you been to Oregon before for any games or other unofficial visits?

"I went to the Washington game last year, but I didn't really go on an in-depth tour like we did Saturday."

Did you take a tour through campus?

"Yeah. It's pretty small, but I guess that's a good thing walking to classes and everything. You're really close, so I kind of liked that. Their big center for student athletes was really, really impressive. I really like that they have a lot of things for student athletes to succeed at academic stuff."

Did you get to spend any additional time with offensive line coach Steve Greatwood or any of the other coaches?

"Yeah, I met up with coach Greatwood near the end. I really like him. He's a great coach. I like coach Chip Kelly too. You can see during practice that they're all high energy and I really liked the competing aspect of (practice) which is kind of unique about Oregon."

Was there any pressure from the coaches or within yourself to make a commitment or anything like that?

"No, not at all. I think Oshay (Dunmore) committing to Oregon was that he's a big track guy. Me personally, they didn't pressure me and I don't think any of the players felt the urge to commit, (Oshay) just probably really wanted to go to Oregon (laughter)."

Did you get an opportunity to interact with any of the players who were already on the team?

"Yeah, some during practice and during the training table we got to talk to them...I don't remember which ones (I talked to). I think me and Zach Banner and Erik Magnuson talked to (Lache) Seastrunk after we ate. He just talked about his recruiting class while we were here."

How were some of the other prospects on hand for the Junior Day enjoying themselves?

"I think all of them liked it too. I think Oregon is probably high up on all their lists. They really seemed to enjoy it too. With the facilities and the high profile (nature), that kind of stuff is very attractive."

During practice, did you spend time with the offense or defensive line?

"I was watching the o-line the whole time. I'm pretty confident that if I were to choose Oregon, I'd play offensive line."

Has anything changed as far as when you would like to have a decision made?

"Not really. I'm still pretty open. I'm gonna kinda take it all in and go through the process and have some fun with it."

Do you have any Junior Days, unofficial visits, or camps planned out for the rest of the spring and summer?

"Two weeks from now, I'm going to Boise State's Junior Day and then I think May 15, I'm going to Stanford's Junior Day and I think that's all I have planned for now."

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