Oregon Impresses Tuerk During Junior Day

A former tight end turned offensive tackle, Santa Margarita (CA) Santa Margarita Catholic three-star offensive lineman Max Tuerk is an up and comer among the list of the elite offensive line prospects in the State of California for 2012. According to Tuerk, his recent Junior Day visit to Oregon has given him plenty to think about.

Do you currently have an offer from Oregon?

"Yes I do."

When did you receive that offer?

"I went to the Junior Day and coach (Steve) Greatwood and I were talking about it. Then, him and I were talking about it a couple of days ago and he said I definitely have an offer there."

What was your reaction to that news?

"I was so excited (laughter). It was awesome."

What kind of contact have you had with Oregon since the recruiting process started for you?

"It started probably right after the season pretty much, like a couple weeks after the season probably. Coach Greatwood was the one who contacted me -- he knows my head coach, coach (Harry) Welch -- and we've been sending e-mails and have talked on the phone a couple of times. I then got an invite to the Junior Day and the Junior Day was awesome."

How often would you say that you and coach Greatwood have been in contact?

"It just depends. Sometimes it'll be a couple times a week, sometimes it'll be one time a month. It's just if I have any questions for him. It just kind of depends."

What is your overall interest level in Oregon?

"Very high. Junior Day was really impressive."

How was your overall experience at the Junior Day?

"On the first day, we got a tour of all the facilities. We got to check out the locker rooms, we got to see the training rooms, we got to see the pools all the football players get to use and stuff, we got to see the nutrition bar -- just basically a tour overall of the facilities. Then on day two, we got to go to practice and see their first day of hitting which was great and then we had team meal where we got to eat with the team and then day three, it was the academic center. We got a tour of that."

Was there one thing in particular that really stood out to you during your visit?

"Oh yeah, the practice. Their practice was insane! They were doing so much, so fast. I really like the style of how they were practicing...no wonder they're so good."

Was the Junior Day visit the first time you've been to Eugene?

"Yeah. It was my first time in Oregon, actually."

What was your impression of the city and of the Oregon campus?

"I really liked it. I really liked how it's a pretty small campus and everything is pretty easy to get to. The dorms are like right there, so I really liked that."

What was it like being able to have some one-on-one time with the coaches for really the first time?

"It was great. They all seem like they're really personable coaches. They obviously really know football, they seem like they're really great coaches. It was awesome meeting them and it was awesome talking to them."

Did you get to interact with any of the other recruits who were in town for the Junior Day?

"I interacted with a bunch of them -- all the o-linemen. They all pretty much were thinking the same thing as me. They were all wowed by everything. Everything was just so nice and everything was just so top of the line. It was so nice it was insane."

Was there ever an urge on your part to commit? Did they coaches ever push for a commit from you?

"They didn't really push, but I think my head coach from my high school wants me to make my decision before the season. I think I'll have it narrowed down by then."

Have you narrowed down yet to a list of school you'll likely be deciding between?

"Well my coach is out of town right now, so I think when he gets back, him and my parents and me are gonna sit down and we're gonna have a meeting and we're probably gonna narrow it down to a few schools that I really like and then I'll make my decision from there."

Have you given any thought as to what schools will be in the running for your top list?

"There are so many great schools that it's gonna be a really tough decision. I have no idea yet."

How would you describe yourself as a player?

"Every play I go all out, 100 percent every play. That's how I play. I think what really helped me last year -- it was my first year playing offensive line last year and I had a great coach who really taught me the position great and helped me out so much -- and I think converting from a tight end to o-lineman, my speed really helped me out. My speed and my aggressiveness."

Have the coaches at Oregon specified a position along the offensive line that they would want you to play should you commit?

"They are recruiting me at offensive tackle, but I can be moved around to pretty much any position."

Is there anyone at the collegiate or professional level that you try to pattern your game after?

"I don't really compare myself to anyone, I just like watching them."

What are you looking for in a program?

"The football program obviously, the academics, and then my overall comfort level with the school, with the coaches, with some of the guys there, and how comfortable I'll be over the next four years."

Did you get to talk to any of the players on the current team during your Junior Day visit to Oregon?

"Yeah. We went to a team meal and we sat down with some of the guys. They were really cool guys...they were just talking about how excited they were for practice and the first day of hitting and we just asked them a couple of questions of how it is being a player, how it is going to school and going to football and all those things."

Have you given any thought as to what you might want to study when you get to school?

"I really like sports media, sports business, or human physiology or physical therapy or something like that."

What are some of the offers that you have right now from other schools?

"I have 10 all together right now. I have Duke, SMU, Colorado, Washington, Oregon State, San Diego State, UCLA, and then Virginia, Michigan, Oregon."

Do you have any plans to attend any camps? Junior Days? Unofficial visits?

"Maybe in the summer. I have a couple weeks off in the summer, so maybe a couple of visits then. My spring break was actually last week, so I did the bulk of my visits last week...I visited SMU, Colorado, and Washington and Oregon."

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