Hansen Says Oregon Is A "High-End" Program

Dueling as both a quarterback and a linebacker at the high school level, American Fork (UT) three-star athlete Chase Hansen says that he his coveted at a number of different positions. While he has taken to quarterback recently, Hansen remains open to all schools who are interested in what he brings to the table as an all-around football player.

Do you currently have an offer from Oregon?

"I do not."

What, if any, contact have you had with Oregon since the recruiting process started for you?

"A lot of letters, I filled out some forms for them and mostly just letters. It's been slow-moving but I'm gonna try to go up for a camp and see what else happens I guess...not a whole lot going on yet, but hopefully more."

So you haven't spoke with any coaches or anything yet?

"Not from Oregon."

And you're trying to make it to the Oregon camp this summer?

"Yeah, hopefully I'll make it out there during the summer for at least a one-day camp and see what I can do up there."

Despite the limited contact, what is your overall interest in Oregon?

"I love Oregon. It's always been one of my hopeful dream colleges I guess you could say. I'm still just trying to work for an offer and try and make that an option, which would be just awesome. I don't know where they would rank and what not, but it would just be an awesome place I would want to go. If that was on the list, that would be way cool."

Is there anything in particular about the school that has you interested in them?

"Personally, if I was going to go to the next level as a quarterback, I would chose them. I like the offensive system, the powerhouse offense that Oregon has...the program of Oregon is just a high-end program. I mean it's Oregon. I love the location -- I've been up there but didn't get a chance to visit -- and obviously their jerseys...it's just a really cool atmosphere. I love Oregon."

Are most schools looking at you as a quarterback or as a linebacker/safety?

"Most of them have said 'athlete' and obviously I want to know what that means. It's been really mixed. Different colleges have said linebacker, but others have said straight quarterback and then some have said just 'athlete' and stuck with that, basically saying that, 'When you get here, if you come, then we'll find out.'"

Do you have a preference as far as where you'd like to play?

"For me recently it's just been kinda wherever is honestly gonna put me in the position to be best at. I love playing defense and I love playing quarterback, but which ever I'd be best at is the one I'd like to focus on and really work towards to be as good as I can. Recently, quarterback has been the (position) that's really grown on me. I haven't played it all my life or anything, it's just been the last couple of years and I've loved it."

How would you describe yourself as a player?

"I guess offensively, I'd say an athlete I guess...I'm not a pocket guy and I'm not one that can't throw but I feel like I've got a lot of different strengths as far as being fortunate enough to have size and speed and I think that's where the linebacker/safety part comes in (to play). I also put in a lot of work to being an accurate throwing quarterback too, so more than anything it's just having more of an athletic body and having the speed also. I'm obviously still working on a lot of that, so there's nothing I have perfected yet I guess."

Is there player at the collegiate or professional level that you try to pattern your game after?

"Yeah Tim Tebow has always been my guy since I've watched him and started at quarterback. He's been kinda the person I want to do basically everything like to a 'T' just like him. That's kind of what I strive towards."

What are you looking for in a program?

"Obviously, I'd love a good football program but at the same time, I'm looking for a school that has great education. I'm not sure what I'm going in to yet, but I really think education is important and that comes first. That's big, as well as, having a classy program I guess. One that kind of represents who you are and for me personally, one that's respected and is just a high-end program that's known for good values and what not."

Have you given any thought as to what you might want to study when you get to college?

"Yeah, I kinda decided I was gonna go in to law but that's not official or anything, but that's what I'm planning on as of now."

Do you currently have any offers from other schools?

"Yes, I have one from BYU and one from Utah."

Have you been hearing from schools other than those two?

"Yeah, mostly Stanford and Washington. They've kinda told me that something might happen. I don't know how much that means and if they'll offer or anything, but those are two other programs that have been big for me."

Out of the schools that have offered and that you've been hearing from, do you have any favorites at this point?

"Yeah. I don't have much in terms of order but it's definitely BYU, Utah, Stanford, Oregon and Washington. They've always been kinda my five colleges that I sort of dreamed about, so to have those is pretty cool and we'll see what else happens."

Do you have any plans to attend any camps or go on any unofficial visits?

"Yeah, I took one unofficial to Stanford, quite a few unofficials to BYU and Utah and for camps, I'm basically planning on going to all five of those...probably just a one-day (camp) because that would be a lot of time and take up the whole weekend, so hopefully just a one-day for all those colleges."

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