Murray To Hear From Oregon In May

Under-sized some would say; under-rated is how Perris (CA) Citrus Hill linebacker Darnell Murray would probably put it. After earning team MVP honors last season, Murray is seeking offers from the nation's biggest programs, and many (including Oregon), have started to take heed.

Do you currently have an offer from Oregon?

"No sir, I don't."

What, if any, contact have you had with Oregon since the recruiting process started for you?

"They call my coach asking about me and they send me stuff in the mail a lot."

In their discussions with your coach, have they mentioned anything about a potential offer coming through for you or anything?

"No, they just said that they're very interested and they'll be down at my school in May."

Do you know which coaches from Oregon have been in contact with your coach?

"No sir."

What is your overall interest in Oregon right now?

"Oh yeah I'm very interested in them. They're probably one of the top five schools (in the country). I like them a lot, but I gotta go through the process."

Other than their current standing on the national stage, what is it about Oregon that interests you?

"I don't know, just their football team. I went up there to their camp last year and I really enjoyed everything. I really like the way the coaches are up there, they have very nice facilities and I like the whole little Eugene, Oregon thing and how it's all involved in football and basketball. I like that."

How would you describe yourself as a player?

"I'm a downhill linebacker, I play fast, I hit and I work hard -- I'm a hard worker."

Is there a player at the collegiate or professional level that you try to pattern your game after at all?

"Probably Ray Lewis."

What are you looking for in a program?

"I'm not really sure, it's just more so coaches and the way that they work at the school like with the way that everything is set up -- the different facilities they have. That's basically it."

Have you given any thought as to what you might want to study when you get to college?

"Criminal justice and I think that's about. I think that's gonna be my major."

What, if any, offers do you currently have from other schools at this point?

"I don't have any offers from anybody. (Schools) are just talking to me right now."

Which schools have you been speaking with?

"USC, Oregon, Oregon State, Arizona State, Boise State...I don't want to leave out any schools, so basically like the Pac-12. That's who I've been hearing from."

Do you have any plans to attend any camps or take any unofficial visits?

"I'm going to a lot of different camps this season, like different school camps like USC, UCLA, Arizona State, Boise State, I'm planning on going to Oregon's, Oregon State and there's a few other ones. I'm basically gonna be going to a lot of camps that I've been invited to and that's about it."

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