Davis Would Call An Oregon Offer "Huge"

Fountain (CO) Fountain Ft. Carson linebacker Kevin Davis may not yet be a household name in recruiting circles with nearly nine months to go till February 2012's NLI day, but this under-the-radar prospect has already heard from one of the Pac-12's best teams.

Do you currently have an offer from Oregon?

"No sir, I don't."

What kind of contact have you had with Oregon since the recruiting process started for you?

"I've been talking to coach (Don) Pellum the last couple of weekends and I've been receiving letters from them."

In your conversations with coach Pellum, has he mentioned anything about a potential offer coming through?

"Nothing too much like that. He said he might be down by my school, but that's about it."

When did he say he might be visiting you?

"He didn't know last week and I've been trying to reach him today and I should find out later."

How often would you say you're in contact with coach Pellum?

"I'd say once every week."

What is your overall interest in Oregon at this point?

"Huge. They're one of the best schools in the nation, how could I not be interested."

Is there anything in particular about the school or the program that has you so interested?

"The coaching style of the coaches. I haven't met them yet, but just the way that they seem from videos I've seen and from talking to coach Pellum...the way they are, I really like it."

How would you describe yourself as a player?

"I think I'm a pretty smart player, I know what's going on a lot of times before the play even happens, I can play both sides of the ball and I think I'm a pretty good linebacker."

Is there a guy at the collegiate or professional level that you try to pattern your game after?

"Not really. No sir."

What are you looking for in a program?

"Just the coaches and the coaching staff, academics, what the area around the school is like and the program, obviously."

Have you given any thought as to what you might want to study when you get to college?

"Possibly business administration."

What offers do you currently hold from other schools?

"I have Air Force and Colorado State."

Have there been other schools that you've been in contact with?

"Vanderbilt -- I went down to their Junior Day about two weekends ago -- and Wyoming and Colorado, but they've been kind of fading off."

You mentioned Oregon would be a top school if they were to offer, but do you have a top five or anything like that at this point?

"No, not really. I'm just waiting for the rest of the year and get my offers. Really any offer, from any school, would be great."

Do you have any plans to attend any camps or take any unofficial visits?

"Yeah, I got a couple of school camps: I go to Wyoming, two at Colorado, one at Colorado State, one at the Air Force Academy, and one at Vanderbilt."

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