Johnson Scores Offer No. 1 From Oregon

Despite his three-star rating and a spot amongst the top 25 quarterbacks in the country according to, Grand Prairie (TX) South Grand Prairie signal-caller Jared Johnson recently received his first official collegiate offer from Oregon head coach Chip Kelly and the Ducks.

Do you currently have an offer from Oregon?

"Yes sir."

Did you receive that offer earlier last week?

"Yes sir. It was Tuesday."

Who from Oregon officially offered you?

"Coach (Chip) Kelly."

What kind of contact have you had with Oregon since the recruiting process started for you?

"Coach (Scott) Frost and the quarterbacks coach/offensive coordinator (Mark Helfrich) came down last week, last Thursday. That was their first evaluation of me and he went back to Oregon and expressed how he liked me or whatever. I talked to coach Kelly and the quarterbacks coach on Monday night and then they had the receivers coach, coach Frost get here. He made the second evaluation -- they always have to make an evaluation before they make a decision to offer you -- and then they gave me a phone call Tuesday night. I talked to the quarterbacks coach and I talked to coach Kelly and he gave me my official offer that night."

The Oregon offer is your first offer, is that correct?

"Yes sir."

What was running through your head when they offered you?

"The first thing is is that this is my first offer and I'm excited about that. For it to come from that high of caliber of a team that just got out of the national championship -- for that to be my first offer and just to be offered in the first place -- that was definitely surprising to me and it'll be something that I remember and never forget."

What is your overall interest in Oregon at this point?

"They're definitely high. It's far away, but the way I've been looking at it from Tuesday and the offer, I've been looking at it more and checking it out as much as I can and gauging my interest in it and what kinds of things they have outside of the football program. My interest is very, very high right now."

Is distance a factor for you?

"It's a factor, but I'm definitely not going to limit myself. That's not gonna be what affects my decision as far as where I'm gonna go. If that's gonna be my best choice and that's gonna help me succeed and do what I need to do, then that's definitely where I'll go. I wouldn't say that I'm not gonna go somewhere just cause it's a ways (away)."

What is it about Oregon that stands out to you?

"First all, before I met the coaches, it was the style of offense that they run. It fits my kind of rhythm and my skill-set. The speed of the offense definitely fits me in the way they use their quarterback in that style of offense. In meeting the coaches, their personalities and stuff fits me (too). Really, those two things are what got me very excited."

How would you describe yourself as a player?

"I've definitely grown since I played my sophomore year. As a sophomore, I was an athlete and a lot of time I would run with it, but going from my junior year in to my senior year, I've definitely become more of a passer because that's what I'm gonna be in college. I've definitely become a pass-first quarterback in throwing the ball, but I also have the talent to make plays and run with the ball if needed."

Is there a guy at the collegiate or professional level that you try to pattern your game after?

"With Michael Vick last year and the way he's grown as a passer, I'd definitely compare myself to him."

What are you looking for in a program?

"First of all, the reputation as far as the education goes. Do you they have the major that I'm planning on going in to going in to college. Beside education, like I said (before), the style of offense and does it fit my skill-set going in to college. The coaches too. The coaching staff and their personalities and the way they treat their players. Those are the main things I'm gonna look at as far as choosing where I want to go."

What do you want to study when you get to college?

"Since last year, I've been thinking of what I want to study in college. I think I want to major in architectural engineering. I love design and math, so I think that might be what I want to go in to."

What are some of the other school that you're hearing from right now?

"I'm talking to the Pittsburgh coach tonight -- he's probably offering tonight -- Rice is planning on offering real soon, Memphis, I talked to Tulsa this week just before I talked to you and those are really the main ones who have talked about offering real soon within the next few days or next week. The list seems to get longer every week as it progresses."

Do you have a timetable for when you would like to have a decision made?

"For my position, a lot of college take one, maybe two (quarterbacks) a year, so if they offer two or three it's kinda first come first serve. It's kind of hard for me to wait it out and see, but I'm pretty sure I'll have my decision made either right before the season starts or early in the beginning of the football season. I wouldn't want to commit early because I want a chance to take my official visits."

Has Oregon told you how many quarterbacks they plan on taking this year?


Do you have a top five or a favorites list at this point?

"No, I wouldn't say I have a top five right now. I'm just taking it all in because I don't know who's all gonna be on my list. I don't know who's gonna talk to me tomorrow or the next weekend or things like that, so I don't have a top five right now...I mean Oregon is above everybody else right now because they offered me and everyone else is just talking about if they'll offer me. Oregon is on top right now because they're my first offer."

Do you have anything planned out as far as camps and unofficial visits go?

"Going in to the summer, I plan on going to a lot of mini camps. I'm trying to plan that out with my family. A lot schools have their mini camps on the same day, so I'm trying to plan it. I definitely plan on trying to go to Baylor's and SMU's mini camp, TCU, Oklahoma State...those are the ones I have planned out so far and that work out as far as date-wise."

Have the Oregon coaches talked to you about getting set up with a visit at some point?

"Yeah, they want me, if I can, to be able to visit unofficially this summer. If I can't make the unofficial this summer, then I will go on an official visit going in to next fall, so I'm definitely excited about that."

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