McManus Lovin' The Oregon Love

A physical specimen with all the requisite attributes one looks for in a go-to receiver, Baltimore (MD) Paul Lawrence Dunbar four-star wide receiver Deontay McManus will travel the country this summer seeking the college destination best suited for him.

Do you currently have an offer from Oregon?

"I have a verbal offer from Oregon."

How long ago did you get that verbal offer from Oregon?

"I believe a month or two ago."

Do you remember which coach you talked to that gave you that verbal offer?

"No sir, I can't remember."

What kind of contact have you had with Oregon since the recruiting process started for you?

"I've been talking to Oregon for a couple of months. I've been talking to coaches here and there and have been contacting them on Facebook, so I've been talking to them for on that for a while now."

What is your overall interest in Oregon at this point?

"Right now, I like the spread offense and (having the chance) to go in there and be the wide receiver that I can be and be a playmaker. (I like) the tempo of the game -- their fast tempo -- and I just look at being there for four years and developing in to the young man that I want to be. That's what I'm looking at."

Is there anything else that really stands out to you when you consider Oregon as an option?

"The spread offense and just the coaches and the people that were around when I talked to them. They just showed me a lot of love and made me feel comfortable."

How would you describe yourself as a player?

"I'm a hard worker. I always try to work 10 times as hard as the next person and I just consider myself as a playmaker, that's what I like to do. When it's crunch time, 4th quarter and you need someone to make a play, I like my number to be called."

Is there a player at the collegiate or professional level that you try to pattern your game after?

"Right now, I think I resemble Anquan Boldin at wide receiver; a big, strong player with strong hands but he's also a playmaker."

What are you looking for in a program?

"Right now, somewhere where I feel comfortable at and where they're gonna love me for the next four years. Somewhere I can fit in the system."

Have you given any thought as to what you might want to study when you get to college?

"If football don't work out, hopefully I can do sports medicine. That's what I'm really interested in."

What are some of the offers that you hold right now from other schools?

"Recently, I just got Ohio State within the last two or three weeks or so. I've got Ohio State, I got Auburn, I got Georgia, I got Boise State, I've got West Virginia...that's about it."

Do you have any favorites or a top list of schools at this point?

"My top five are West Virginia, Miami, Oregon, Boise State and I gotta say Ohio State...that wasn't in any order. That's just my top five."

Do you have any plans to go to any camps or take any unofficial visits this summer?

"This summer, I'm gonna be traveling and going to Miami, USC, Cal and also, I got nominated to be on the Maryland 7-on-7 team and they're going to a 7-on-7 thing in Oregon, so I'll be over this summer also."

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