Kozan Has August Plans In Eugene

The state of Colorado is simply teeming with major FBS talent along the offensive line this recruiting cycle. Highlands Ranch (CO) Valor Christian three-star offensive lineman Alex Kozan is but another road-grader looking to make an impact in the fall of 2012.

Do you currently have an offer from Oregon?

"Yeah I do."

What kind of contact have you had with Oregon since the recruiting process started for you?

"I sent them my film and I've been talking to them probably since March or April and they just came out to me during the spring evaluation period and watched me practice...that's when they offered me. I've just been talking to coach Steve Greatwood, the offensive line coach, and I've kind of developed a relationship with him and have just tried to learn more about Oregon and learn more about the program."

How often would you say that you speak with coach Greatwood?

"Once every week or two weeks."

Has he been the only coach from Oregon that you've been in contact with?

"Yeah, pretty much."

What is your overall interest in Oregon at this point?

"I'm still very interested in Oregon. I mean it's a great place, they're a national title contender and they have a great sports business program -- top in the country. They have a lot of good things that I look for in a school that I see in them, so overall, I'm very interested in Oregon."

How would you describe yourself as a player?

"I'd say I'm a physical player, but also a smart player. I combine intelligence with physicality. I know all my assignments and I don't really forget them. I tell other people where they need to go if they don't remember and then once the ball snaps, I just go 100 percent until the whistle blows. I just get physical and I always like to put someone on their back and finish the play."

Is there a guy at the collegiate or professional level that you try to pattern your game after at all?

"Not really. There's some offensive linemen I'm a fan of, I guess...Alan Faneca, to a certain extent. I like him a lot."

Has coach Greatwood specified a particular position along the offensive line that he would like you at?

"Pretty much every coach has told me guard is where they see me at. Someone told me tackle, but pretty much all of them tell me guard. That's what (Greatwood) said. He said guard, but he wants everyone to learn how to play center, so center too, but mainly guard."

Is that what you play right now in high school?

"Actually, for my high school, I play left tackle."

What are some of the big things that you're looking for in a program?

"I'd say there are five things, really. Number one is a good business program; a top 40 business program cause that's what I'm gonna major in in college...so a school with that kind of program. Number two is just gonna be a place where I can compete on the field and see earlier playing time and a place where they're gonna be competing for conference championships. Number three would be a great relationship with the coaching staff and the people...cause they're gonna be there everyday for pretty much the next four or five years of your life, so you want to find people that you're comfortable around. Number four would be the strength and conditioning program. Strength and conditioning is very important to me, so a place that will develop me. Finally, I have a strong faith in God, so that would be another thing; a place thats got a strong spiritual following and that kind of thing."

What offers do you currently hold right now from other schools?

"I have Arizona, Arizona State, Arkansas, Colorado, Colorado State, Connecticut, Duke, Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa, Illinois, LSU, North Carolina, Oklahoma State, Oregon, South Carolina, Syracuse, UNLV and Utah."

Out of the schools that you've been hearing from, do you have a top five or a favorites list at this point?

"You know, I haven't really made a top five yet. I'm going out this summer and gonna try to see some places and get a better feel. I don't think it's really fair for some of these schools to make a top five until I see some of them because it could be the perfect place for you, but you just don't know it if you haven't been there. So I'm just trying to make some unofficials, get out, see some programs and see how I like it."

Have you taken an unofficial visit before to Eugene?

"Not yet. I'm planning one the first week of August. That's when I'm planning to go...I definitely want to get up there. Maybe I'll take an official visit, but I definitely want to get up there and see the place and meet the coaches."

As far as camps and unofficial visits go, where have you been and where do you plan on going this summer?

"I've been pretty much in my area: both the Colorado schools (Colorado and Colorado State), both the Kansas schools (Kansas and Kansas State), both the Arizona schools (Arizona and Arizona State) and I also went up over spring break to Wisconsin, so I saw all the schools on the way like Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, stuff like that. This summer, I've scheduled a couple of trips. First one was this weekend, I went to Stanford's camp and also visited Cal while I was there and just got a better feel for both those schools cause they're great academic programs. I'm also going down to visit some friends in Oklahoma, so I'll be down to see Oklahoma State, Arkansas and I might go out to LSU, but I don't know yet...we'll see. Those are pretty much the main trips I'm planning...and then in August, I'm planning to see Oregon and USC."

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