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It's not that often that Oregon dips in to the heart of Dixieland to pluck talent from the grips of the top programs in the SEC. However, for the class of 2012, the Ducks have targeted three top flight players from the same school. Formerly an Auburn verbal commit, Oxford (AL) three-star offensive lineman Michael Flint has opened up his commitment and is now focused on two schools.

Do you currently have an offer from Oregon?

"That's right."

What kind of contact have you had with Oregon since making your de-commitment from Auburn?

"Since I de-committed, I've been in contact with (offensive line) coach (Steve) Greatwood and (linebackers) coach (Don) Pellum and they came during the spring and stuff. I wanted to let them know I de-committed, because once I was committed and everything, they kind of took me off their board because they don't really recruit guys out this way that are already committed -- that's a waste of their board -- but I let them know I was (available) and that they're in my top two. I just try to stay in contact with them as much as I can; calling them...they've probably visited me more than anyone else out West. They came down and I talked with them and got to meet coach Pellum...but other than that I just try and stay in contact with them often."

Who is your top two right now?

"Oregon and Tennessee are the top two right now. Clemson was in there along with those two, but they sort of have given commitments to their offensive line, and Oregon and Tennessee still have openings on their boards."

In your discussions with coach Pellum and coach Greatwood, have they discussed getting you out to Eugene for an unofficial or official visit?

"I've talked to them about an official visit this season and basically, I just have to get it set up and call them and get in touch with them. They wanted me to get up there for an unofficial visit, but it's just so far away that's it's kind of difficulty for me to get all the way out there...I really would like to take an official visit out there and see what it's like."

You play with Kwon Alexander and Trae Elston. Have you guys discussed Oregon or playing together at all?

"We haven't really all discussed that we all want to play together, but we have discussed all visiting Oregon together and taking an official visit and seeing what it's about. All three of us are interested in Oregon and seeing what's going on up there; it's one of the top football programs in the nation with the facilities and everything like that...it's just a great atmosphere and someplace we'd like to visit."

What is it about the school and program that stands out the most to you?

"Honestly, I'm an offensive lineman, so I'm a big guy and we don't like hot weather (laughter), but Oregon would be great to be a part of."

Have you ever visited the state before?

"I've flown over Oregon. I've been to Seattle, Washington, which is close by, so I sort of know what the atmosphere is. I've looked at pictures and stuff and tried to get familiar with it before I do take a visit, but I sort of know what it's about a little bit and it would be nice just to feel it and be there."

How would you describe yourself as a player?

"I'd describe myself an inside guy. I'm hard-nosed (in the run game) and I get after the defender and try to demolish him. That's just the way I am; just a hard-nosed football player."

Do you know which position along the offensive line the Oregon coaches are evaluating you at?

"It's sort of a center/guard thing, but mainly guard...that's what I played this year. I played right tackle my sophomore year, left tackle my junior year and this year I'm playing left guard. I sort of know all the positions and stuff and I'll play anywhere they want to put me."

Is there anyone at the collegiate or professional level that you try to pattern your game after?

"There not a certain guy, I just try to be me and do the best I can at whatever I'm supposed to do. I just try my best and keep up the hard work and whatever happens, happens."

What are you looking for in a program?

"One thing I really like is when I meet coaches and talk to them and find out what kind of person they are and find out how close they can be to the players and stuff. Of course, facilities mean a lot; a weight room is a big thing for me because offensive linemen spend a lot of time in the weight room and then basically, just the school. As far as school, I want to look in to the school of business, because that's probably what I'm gonna go and major in. Those are some of my interests, but a lot of it has to do with how the coaches are and the family atmosphere."

Even though you haven't set up a date for an official visit to Oregon, do have any other official visits lined up yet?

"I have not. I haven't set up any official visits, so that's still open and I still gotta go in and do that. Football is just getting started for us, so I gotta have time to think and calm down and get back in a groove and have time to do some thinking."

Are you planning on taking all five official visits?

"I'm probably not gonna take all five. I had planned on it, but now I might be down to a two or three (school) thing, because at some point, I'm gonna have to sorta get done in a hurry because I'm actually one of those guys that's planning on enrolling early in January."

Do you have an ideal time frame for when you would like to make a decision?

"I haven't made up my mind on exactly what I'm gonna do. I've stated sometimes that I'm gonna do it at the Under Armour game that I'm gonna be playing in...that may be when it's publicly announced, but I'm gonna have to decide before then and I may just have to go ahead and let it out. It really just depends on when I get my visits in and when I can really feel comfortable and know that I've explored all my options and see what the best choice is for me."

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