Is It Oregon Whom Curry Favors?

Keller (TX) Fossil Ridge three-star defensive lineman Aaron Curry is a big, versatile athlete with the size and athleticism to perform at a high level at any position along the defensive line; a big reason why he has 17 offers to his name. eDuck Sports caught up with Curry's father, Aaron Curry, Sr. to get the latest on his son's recruitment.

Does Aaron currently have an offer from Oregon?

"No, they haven't given him an offer yet, but they have him high on their board. I talked to (defensive line) coach (Jerry) Azzinaro -- the assistant coach -- about a week and a half ago or two weeks ago and he said (Aaron) was still high on his board. Basically, he said to me, that they're waiting on some five-stars and four-stars and seeing where they're gonna go and where they're gonna commit. If (those recruits go elsewhere), they'll probably make him an offer then. They like him though. They talk to him and everything else, but they really haven't made an offer yet."

And coach Azzinaro is the only coach from Oregon that you guys have been talking to?


Does Aaron have a list of favorites at this point?

"I wouldn't say we have a top five, but he has an offer Ole Miss, Missouri, Iowa, Boise State, Baylor...he has 17 offers is what I'm trying to get to. We visited some schools and we've got about three more coming up here in October. To tell you the truth, he likes Oregon the best, but they haven't been pursuing him hard enough. We've been getting mail from them almost everyday, they send an e-mail from time to time...but everyone else had made him an offer. So, that's where we're at."

Does Aaron have a timetable for when he'd like to make a decision?

"First of all, (Aaron) is gonna take all of his five visits...we're gonna do that for sure. I don't know if that's gonna be at the end of the season, the middle of the season, but he's gonna make all his visits before he makes a decision; so there's really no timetable on that."

Which official visits does Aaron plan on taking in October?

"They're Ole Miss, Iowa and Boise State right now."

Has coach Azzinaro discussed with Aaron which position they prefer him at?

"He said they could move him around. He might be a defensive end, he might be standing up, he might have his hand on the ground; he said they could move him around. He said they like his quickness...they don't want their defensive linemen to be too they like quick, fast athletes. They said they really like him, but (Azzinaro) said they made two offers to a couple of guys early on, so he's just held back."

Does Aaron have a preference for what he'd like to play along the defensive line?

"He really don't care, but he really wants to be a defensive end. In high school, he's been a defensive tackle and they're gonna move him around because, in high school, he doesn't have a whole bunch of help. (Opposing teams) double team him and he has to do what he has to do. The coaches see that and they say they're gonna bounce him around inside and outside."

What is it about Oregon that stands out to Aaron when he considers them as a potential option?

"Basically, they have a winning program. He's also going into sports marketing and they're big on Nike, so (Aaron) was liking that part of it too because that's gonna be his major. Basically, they're always in the top three, top two every year."

What is Aaron looking for in a program?

"Basically, we wanna make sure it's a good fit for him; make sure he gets along with the players for one, the atmosphere of the state...wherever he decides he wants to go...make sure academic wise that (the school) has the right program for him to graduate in four years or three years, if possible. We wanna make sure they help him down the road when he's graduated, if he don't make it to the NFL, that's what we're looking at."

Is distance a factor for you guys at all?

"No. Basically, if we would have thought that, we would have gone to Oklahoma, or Texas, TCU, Baylor and all that and made a verbal commitment...but it doesn't matter. Like I said, as long as he's gonna play at least two solid years, we don't care how far it is. Now, we might have to get up and move if it's way up in Oregon, or Boise, or Iowa, or a place like that, but other than that, it doesn't matter."

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