Odds and Ends from Oregon-LSU

Cleaning up eDuck Sports' digital recorder and video camera we find some items that time did not allow to be processed until returning to Oregon from the great state of Texas.

The Ducks were uncharacteristic for Chip Kelly teams because of three lost fumbles an interception plus 12 penalties. The offensive line was called at least six times for false starts and personal fouls (leg whips). After the game Offensive Line Coach Steve Greatwood was plenty steamed about the false starts but was a bit mystified about the leg-whip calls.

"I've been coaching the offensive line now for I don't know how many years, and I've never seen leg-whip penalties like that," said Greatwood. " That's part of the game I guess. False starts, we got to clean up, just focus and concentration."

"I teach my kids on the nakeds, when the defensive line retreats, we want to come and cut them," continued Greatwood on the topic of leg-whips." I've been coaching it that way since I've been coaching the offensive line and never had a call."

Freshman Jake Fisher came into the game in the second half and Greatwood explained why Fisher got into the game playing guard.

"We're excited about Jake as all the freshmen, but I think he was physically more ready to play than all the rest of them," Greatwood said of Fisher." Jake's got tremendous amount of explosion. We started him off at tackle and in the last week or so, I just made a decision that I wanted to look at him at guard."

For his part, Fisher though disappointed with the loss to LSU was happy to see playing time. "It felt really good," said Fisher of his playing time in the LSU game. "(I will) get out there next week and work a little harder and learn everything a little bit better, come out and play another game."

Center Hroniss Grasu, quarterback Darron Thomas and running LaMichael James responded to questions from the media.

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