Murphy Has A "Good Feel" For Oregon

After taking an unofficial visit to Eugene for their Junior Day in the spring, San Clemente (CA) five-star offensive lineman Kyle Murphy made a return trip to the Northwest this past weekend for an official visit to Oregon.

Describe the overall experience you had while on your official visit to Oregon?

"I was able to talk to quite a few people there. I was able to talk to one of the professors there, hang out with a lot of the players, attend the meetings the day before the game and the day of the game itself, I talked to the coaches, I talked to a lot of the staff, I talked with a lot of the players to try to get a good feel for life on campus there, so it was definitely a really good experience overall and I took a lot from it."

Was there one thing while on your visit that stood out to you the most?

"The biggest thing I think was a couple of things. The atmosphere there is pretty was kind of a blowout game, but it was still pretty loud in their stadium, so I was pretty impressed that people take football that seriously up there. Also, I was pretty impressed with all the people there involved with the football program and just how much they care about their athletes there and how much they want them to succeed as far as life in the classroom, on the field and stuff. I would say those are the main things that were really impressive for me."

Who was your host?

"Tyler Johnstone, the offensive lineman there. I was hanging out with him both nights. On Friday night, it was mostly the redshirt freshmen because all the other guys had to stay in the hotel and they couldn't really hang out at all and then the next day, I was able to hang out with some more of the older guys as well. They're all real cool guys, they're all real down-to-earth and real good to talk to, so I really got a good feel for all the players there."

What was it like being able to spend some quality time with coach Kelly, coach Greatwood, etc. for the first time basically since your unofficial visit?

"I talked with those coaches quite a bit. I was able to sit down with them with my parents for probably about an hour each. I've got a real good feel for them. They're really good guys and really good coaches; really successful. Coach Greatwood has been there for quite a while, coach Kelly's been there for a few years now and has built the program up, so I definitely get a good feel from all of them. Really, what impressed me about their coaching staff is how much they've all been there. A lot of (Oregon's) coaches have been there for a quite a while. I think they mentioned something like 170 years of Oregon coaching experience, so I was pretty impressed with coaching stability and all that."

Were your parents the only people who accompanied you while on your visit?


How was their experience while in Eugene?

"They felt really good. They were definitely really impressed, like I was, with how everyone involved there cared about the players and that's really important to them before sending me off somewhere. They really enjoyed the whole game day experience. They liked the coaches as well; (the coaches) are real straight shooters, so they were pretty impressed as well."

Was there ever an urge on your part to make a commitment and end the recruiting process?

"I definitely know that there's some places where you feel a little bit of pressure from the coaches and they want you to commit and sometimes you feel the urge to because it feels like the right place, but overall, I thought I did pretty well. I kind of want to make sure I check everyone out thoroughly so I know for sure. I think overall I did a pretty good job of just laying back and taking my time to check everyone out."

Did you ever feel any pressure to make a commitment from the Oregon coaches or anything like that?

"No. Not really. They're all really down-to-earth guys. They're not the biggest recruiters, they just want to show you what they have and if it's good enough for you, then you can come here. They're not the biggest recruiters and they're not gonna bug the crap out of you or anything. They don't really pressure you too much."

What is your remaining schedule as far as other official visits go?

"The only the other official I have scheduled is I'm going to be going to the University of Florida on, I believe, the first weekend of November. That's the only one I have scheduled right now."

Are you planning an unofficial visits anywhere?

"Other than (Florida), I'm not sure. I might go up and check out a USC game or something local that I can get tickets to, but other than, there's no other plan right now."

Have you narrowed your list down to a few favorite schools at this point?

"I'm still looking at everyone pretty good. I'm not really wide open, but I'm still checking a lot of places out and kind of seeing what they have. I'll take my trips and see where it goes from there."

Have you gotten any closer as far as a definitive timetable for making a decision?

"I'd probably say that I'll probably decide probably closer to December or maybe early January...not that close to Signing Day. That way, I can take some visits and get a feel for everywhere."

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