Dunmore Describes Oregon Visit As "Unreal"

An Oregon verbal commit since the beginning of April, Newport (OR) three-star athlete Oshay Dunmore got his chance this past weekend to officially visit his future home.

I know you've visited Eugene a number of times, but describe the overall experience of your official visit?

"It was really awesome...a lot of people have told me that the difference between high school and college is that the bonding and chemistry isn't really there; that it's a lot more competitive and everyone is kind of focused on themselves. I just wanted to get a feel for how that is. It wasn't at all how people described it. The freshman class really hung out a lot; all of the football players are really close. They still have that competition, but there was a lot of people who were really close and you just got that family feel and that was like the biggest thing that I wanted to see; just how people are interacting with each other when they're off the field. Of course, everyone is like a rock star or superstar there, so that was pretty cool. Overall, it was a great experience being able to go down there and live the college lifestyle for a weekend."

Would you say the family atmosphere was what stood out most to you?

"It stuck out to me a lot. There's a lot of stuff out there about colleges and how the kids are treated and how the coaches are and stuff, but the coaching (at Oregon) is really a different feel. They are some of the best coaches that you can really think of. They put you in the best positions; everything they say is just right, it just clicks. Whenever any of those coaches say something, everybody in that room knows and they nod their head like, 'Yeah, that's true.' Everything they say is true. You kind of just take it in and want to apply it to everything that you do. They have a really good coaching staff down there that just wants the best for you and the team. They put you in all the right positions to be successful, so that was really cool to see too."

Take us through the weekend. What kinds of things did you get to do?

"(The team) all stays at a hotel the night before a home game and we got to go to their hotel and eat breakfast with them, watch pre-game, watch some films before the game that were pretty cool, went with the players and coaches on to the field and in to the locker room and all that stuff. After the game, we had dinner and my host took me out. We went to a bunch of players houses and met a bunch of different people and it was cool. It was a lot fun."

Who was your host for the weekend?

"Christian French."

How do you feel you got along with Christian?

"That was my first time hanging out with a lot of the guys. Some of them I kind of knew because they were Oregon players who played in Oregon during high school, so some of them I kind of knew because I've been to Eugene quite a bit. But for the most part, that was my first time hanging out with a lot of the guys and they were really cool, they were a blast. A lot of them are just hilarious."

You touched on the coaches before, but what was it like being able to spend quality one-on-one time with them for pretty much the first time?

"It was just one of those unreal experiences. Being able to go to college and be a part of the team before you're even there. Everybody is just real accepting, everyone is real friendly and it was just a really good experience that was kind of a preview of what it's going to be like there. Like I said, all the players were hilarious, they showed me a good time...it was just constant comedy, it was just too funny. All the coaches and all the people who help out with recruiting and the people who showed me around were just awesome. It was a lot of fun. Of course, they're trying to make it the best for everyone, but I'm down there quite a bit and they don't really have to put on a mask, per se, like they would anybody else."

Did anyone accompany you while on your visit?

"My little brother, Yadie and my mom."

How was your family's experience?

"They liked it a lot. My brother is actually going to high school down there next year so they can be closer to me. They had a good time. My mom was just reassured that the people I'm going to be spending the next couple of years with are good people and that the kids I'll be hanging around with are good influences and everything. It was just kind of an assuring factor for her. And, of course, my brother was just kind of googily-eyed about everything, which was just awesome for him. He enjoyed it too."

Did you get a chance to interact with any of the other official visitors while on your visit?

"I'm pretty close with all the commits right now. The Amoako twins from Texas...I talk with them pretty much on a daily basis. The other kid, Brett (Bafaro), he's from Oregon so I keep in touch with him. I try to keep in touch with most of the kids all of the time. It was pretty cool, I thought we had some good chemistry. I thought the Amoako twins were real cool. They're real athletic guys and I've been keeping in touch with them. They send me updates and I send them updates, so it's pretty cool just to be able to stay touch with the other recruits."

You are currently an Oregon verbal commit, but are you planning on visiting anywhere else?

"I don't have anything scheduled right now, but I don't know, I might want to go check out some other schools. I'm not positive yet, but as long as I got Oregon in there, that's all I really wanted to go see. We'll see, nothing is set in stone yet though."

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