It All Clicks For Eric Amoako On Visit

Along with his brother Stephen, Arlington (TX) Martin three-star defensive back Eric Amoako has been a verbal commit to Oregon head coach Chip Kelly and the Ducks since May. Eric sat down with eDuck Sports and discussed the details surrounding his official visit to Eugene this past weekend.

How would you describe your overall experience during your official visit to Oregon?

"It went great I liked it a lot."

What stood out to you the most while on the visit?

"How cool the players were. That's one thing I was pretty nervous about at first when we went there because we didn't know how we'd fit in with everybody and interact, but once we got there, it was like any other guys or any other teammates. They were really cool guys and we got along right off the bat and really clicked."

Take us through the weekend. What kinds of things did you get to do and see while you were in Eugene?

"We got there around 5 or so (on Friday) and met the team nutritionist and went through a number of flexibility tests and stuff like that; little stuff. Then we sat down with the academic director and went over some stuff and then we ate. We got paired up with our host that night and it was pretty fun."

Who was your host?

"The first night, the players had to go to the hotel, so we stayed with a redshirt (freshman); Carlyle Garrick and Tacoi Sumler."

How'd you get along with Carlyle, Tacoi and the rest of the team?

"Carlyle, we're really cool with him, I like him a lot. We clicked right off the bat. As far as the rest of the team, whenever we sat down and ate with them, we got along and were talking and all that."

Was that your first time meeting any of the players on the team?

"Yeah, that was my first time meeting quite a few of them. When I went up there during the summer, I met a couple of linemen and I met Kenjon Barner, but we didn't really get to talk much."

What was it like being able to spend some quality one-on-one time with the coaches?

"I talk to (defensive backs) coach (John) Neal quite a bit, but it was just cool being able to hang out with them. Especially sitting down in the meetings and being able to see how he coaches, how he approaches things. That's the kind of guy I expected him to be because he's a pretty straight-forward guy, really honest and I like to see that he's really consistent in the way that he does things."

Did anyone accompany you while on your visit?

"My mom did."

How did your mom enjoy the visit and the experience as a whole?

"She enjoyed herself. It was a good vacation for her just to get away. I remember when we got to the airport Sunday when we were leaving, her saying that she was really comfortable with our decision and she really doesn't think we could have made a better one."

Did you get a chance to interact with any of the other recruits who were officially visiting this past weekend?

"Oshay (Dunmore) was there and I can't remember the kid's name, but he was a linebacker from somewhere around the area (Brett Bafaro). Oshay, we're really cool with him, we talk to him quite a bit."

Even though you're already a verbal commit to Oregon, are you planning on taking anymore visits anywhere else?

"No, I'm done with everything. That's the only (visit I'll take)."

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