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Along with his brother Eric, Arlington (TX) Martin three-star defensive back Stephen Amoako has been a verbal commit to Oregon head coach Chip Kelly and the Ducks since May. Stephen sat down with eDuck Sports and discussed the details surrounding his official visit to Eugene this past weekend.

Describe the overall experience during your official visit to Oregon this past weekend.

"It was everything (I expected it to be) plus some more. I'm really, really comfortable with where I'm going; I like the people there. All the players are really cool, they're like a big family and the trip was really great overall."

What stood out to you the most while on your visit?

"I think on our first unofficial visit, we got a lot of it already out of the way. We got to see the great facilities and everything, but I guess just being with the players as a whole is pretty cool ... they have a lot of funny personalities, so I think that made it better."

When did you take your unofficial visit to Oregon?

"I think it was in the summer, like in June."

What kinds of things did you get to do while on your visit?

"We got to eat a lot. That's probably the most I've eaten in my life. I hung out with my host quite a bit, meet all the players ... we had a lot of free time just to hang out. We went to some meetings with the coaches and went to pre-game and all that and we hung out in the locker room. That was pretty much it for the most part."

Who was your host for the visit?

"Carlyle (Garrick), he was our host Friday night. Carlyle and Tacoi Sumler. On Saturday, it was Devon Blackmon and Ifo Ekpre-Olomu."

How did you get along with your hosts and the rest of the team?

"Going up there, I wasn't nervous, but you don't know what to expect being around new people, especially with them being a little bit older than you are. But Carlyle and Tacoi were really personable and Ifo and Devon, those are probably the most friendly people I've ever met in my life. They were really cool too."

What was it like being able to spend some quality one-on-one time with the coaches?

"With (defensive backs) coach (John) Neal it was pretty cool. We got to watch practice and review a game with them to see how they actually do their evaluations of the players and grades and stuff like that. That was pretty cool, we got to learn quite bit to see what they're actually expecting and what they're looking for while we're playing, so that was a good experience as well."

Has coach Neal discussed with you where he envisions you and your brother playing in the secondary?

"I guess he sees us more as cornerbacks as of now, but it's all defensive back (stuff), so you have to learn everything pretty much. I don't think he's too specific, but as of now, it's more cornerback than anything."

Eric mentioned your mom accompanied you guys while on your visit. How did she enjoy the experience?

"I think my mom had a good time, as well. She got to enjoy actually getting away for a little bit and get some good weather instead of being in Texas where it's pushing 100 degrees every single day, so she liked it a lot. The people are really nice, the players parents were really nice because they were taking officials too and I think she had a good time. I think she enjoyed it as much as we did."

Did you get a chance to interact with any of the other recruits who were officially visit this past weekend?

"Yeah we did, we were with them quite a bit actually. We got to talk to Oshay (Dunmore) quite a bit, especially since he's a defensive back we got together a little more and interacted a little more. I think all the players and all the hosts were pretty cool though, so we were all together quite a bit. All the recruits are really cool. Oshay's committed there and we like him a lot and we'll be teammates with him, which I like. I'll talk to him like once or twice a week."

Do you feel like you're finished with the recruiting process, or do you plan on taking more visits?

"Yes sir. I'm all settled down now. That was my visit and I got that out of the way and now it's just get through my football season, have a good season, make my grades and be ready come (to Eugene) in June."

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