For Cottrell, The Choice Was Easy

The decision became an easy one for Plano (TX) Plano West Senior three-star linebacker Bryce Cottrell after his official visit this past weekend to Eugene. After taking in Oregon's 41-27 victory over Arizona State, Cottrell met with Oregon head coach Chip Kelly and made the call.

Are you a verbal commit to Oregon?


What made you feel like Oregon was the right place for you?

"Basically the coaches and the people there are really nice. They made me feel welcome and like home. I felt comfortable around everybody -- the players and everything -- and it was just an easy choice for me. I wouldn't have wanted to play for anybody else, besides Oregon."

Describe the overall experience of your official visit. What kinds of things did you get to do while you were in Eugene?

"I got there around like 8 or 9. They picked me up from the airport and we went and ate food and then I went to check in to the hotel and then I went to the game. I hung out with the players afterwards. They showed me the rest of everything because I had seen the campus before I came, like during the summer, so I already knew what they showed me...On Sunday, I went around and bought some Duck gear and they showed me the business facilities and the new basketball center and everything...they showed me everything on campus. What I didn't see on my unofficial visit, they showed me."

Who ended up being your host on your visit? How did you guys get along?

"Carlyle (Garrick). It was my first time meeting him, but he's really cool, man. He made me feel welcomed and he was introducing everybody and he just made everything that much easier. I could relate with him because he's not from Eugene or from Oregon...he's far away from home too, so it just made it that much easier. He seemed really happy being there and I was like, 'Wow, if he can be happy far away from home, then I can too.'"

You mentioned that your family accompanied you on the visit. How did they enjoy the experience?

"My brother was kinda sad that I'm leaving, but besides that, they loved everything about Oregon. The fans are crazy...they just made it feel like home too. They (my family) loved it there."

When did you ultimately make your commitment to the coaching staff? Were you still in Eugene or did you wait until you got back home?

"I did it in (head) coach (Chip) Kelly's office...they all came in yelling and stuff and saying congratulations and 'Welcome to the family' and stuff like that. He was talking to me about my decision and how I did a really good job and that he can't wait for me to be a Duck...He was talking to me with my mom and my brother about life in general; about why picking a school is important and what I should do for my majors and stuff and just kind of overall everything. Nothing really stuck out. It was just kind of like, 'Wow, I'm talking to coach Kelly right now' and I couldn't really remember anything."

What was it like being able to spend some quality one-on-one time with (linebackers) coach (Don) Pellum?

"Coach Pellum is the coolest coach I know, man. I mean by far the coolest coach I know. He's a coach, but I've never had a coach that relates to the players like that with what he does. I've never had a coach either that tricked me with a voicemail (laughter), so that was pretty cool."

Was there ever any pressure from the coaching staff to have you commit right then and there?

"That was the one thing I liked about Oregon. They never really pushed you to do anything. They just kind of wait for you to make your own decision. Chip Kelly told me that that was one of his main things. He said that he doesn't want you to be pressured in to committing or anything. He wants you to make your decision on your own time. They never gave me a timetable to commit or anything, which I really liked. It meant that they really cared about me and my decision and they were willing to wait for me. I mean, if a college is willing to do that for you, that's the place for you to go."

There were other recruits on your official visit. Did you get a chance to interact with any of those guys at all?

"Somewhat. I couldn't really remember what they said. I talked to the tight end (Evan Baylis) and the other kid that committed (Jeremy Castro) the same day that I did. They were really cool and they were telling me where they were from and everything...I'm also in contact with the twins from Dallas (Eric and Stephen Amoako). We've played them twice. We played them last year and this year and we've been getting to know more about each other."

As far as other visits go, do you have any plans to officially visit anywhere else?

"Nope, I'm gonna be a Duck and ain't nobody else coming. I ain't taking anymore phone calls (laughter)...I'm done!"

When do you plan on getting to Eugene? Are you graduating early in order to arrive in the spring, or will you wait until the summer to come?

"I'm finishing my senior year, man. I'm taking my time to finish my senior year and then come in the summer and hope for the best."

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