The Great Northwest Rivalry

Oregon vs. Washington or Washington vs. Oregon depending on your allegiance is the Pacific Northwest's version of Ohio State vs. Michigan, or Michigan vs. Ohio State. This is an interesting rivalry as it's never usually a competitive one for long periods of time. The Huskies dominate the overall record by almost twenty games, but the Ducks have won the last seven meetings in blowout fashion.

The Huskies own the largest beat down by hammering the Ducks 66-0 in 1974. Even if you look back to the first meeting in 1900 the Ducks cruised to a 43-0 victory. Historically it's one-way traffic when these schools matchup on the gridiron.

The buildup to this game will lead to all kinds of interesting topics. The Huskies of the Gilbertson and Willingham era would have mailed in a following game after a 44 point loss to the smart kids at Stanford. After a slow start the Huskies put away Arizona scoring 14 points in the final three quarters to secure a 42-31 win propelling them to a 6-2 overall record and a 4-1 record in the Pac-12 placing them in North Division's third spot.

If you have an objective set of eyes you could also consider the Huskies to be a paper tiger. Their schedule has two Top-10 teams on it (Nebraska and Stanford) mixed with a lot of cupcakes. The Dawgs were beaten soundly by both highly ranked teams to the overall tune of 116-59. Examining the rest of their wins doesn't lead to anything impressive as the Huskies have only beaten one team with a winning record so far this season in Hawaii, who is a mid-major team. There is no doubt that Washington football is on the uptick, but there is also no doubt they are far from being a great team. One thing that should strike caution into Duck fans; the Dawgs are 5-0 at home.

Oregon is living up to their preseason conference voting so far in 2011 with a 7-1 overall record and 5-0 in conference placing them tied for first in the North Division with Stanford. The one blemish on the Ducks' record was against current #1 LSU in Dallas, TX. Since the let down in the opener the Ducks have been on a blowout spree and doing it with all kinds of injuries and suspensions to key players.

The Ducks win column is slightly more impressive than the Huskies with wins over two programs with winning records, one a Top 25 team. The rest of the schedule is filled with a lot of bad teams, similar to Washington's. The Ducks might not be a BCS National Title caliber team this year like they were in 2010, but they are a conference title caliber team.

Ducks/Huskies by the Numbers (National Rank)

Scoring Offense:
Oregon – 47.5ppg / 4th
UW – 35.6ppg / 25th

Scoring Defense:
Oregon – 21.3ppg / 27th
UW – 33.4ppg / 102nd

If you're a stat junkie the numbers would suggest a fairly smooth victory for Oregon given their performance and strength of schedule. Both sides will come up with valid reasons as to why their side will win. No matter who you cheer for it looks like the future of this rivalry might bring a stretch of close ball games, but not this year.

Ducks – 56 Huskies -31

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