Boyster Looking Hard At Oregon

An early verbal commitment to Arizona effectively ended the recruiting process for Bellflower (CA) St. John Bosco three-star offensive lineman Beau Boyster in late April. However, since the firing of Mike Stoops as Arizona head coach, Boyster has begun to look around again, rekindling communication with some familiar faces in Eugene.

Do you currently have an offer from Oregon?

"No, no I don't. I have to see coach (Steve) Greatwood in person first."

At this point, do you have any plans to meet with him?

"Yeah. December 9th is when I'm going up there unless I'm playing in the championship game. It's probably about 50/50 (that we win)...If I'm not playing in the championship game, I'll be there December 9th. If I am (playing), I won't (visit) and I'll be (in Oregon) the next weekend."

Is coach Greatwood the only coach from Oregon that you've had contact with?

"Coach (Scott) Frost came down to my school in the spring -- and this was right after I committed to Arizona. He did some crazy stuff -- he went through my attendance records, he went through all my coaches...He was literally there from lunch all the way up until the end of spring practice, which was 5:30. He really did his homework on me. I didn't really know it was about me to tell you the truth, but that's kind of how Oregon does it. They really do homework on their guys. I didn't really contact him a lot. He introduced himself to me after spring practice and he knew I was committed to Arizona so he didn't pursue me too hard. He was mostly talking to our left tackle; a junior kid that's being recruited by them as well."

Are you still committed to Arizona or have you de-committed from their program?

"I'm still committed, but I'm looking around now. Coach Rich Rodriguez just got hired today, so we'll see if he lets me look around. If he doesn't, I don't know what I'll do then. I don't want to say I'd de-commit, but that's probably most likely what would happen. I have a lot of other options on the table now, so I wouldn't be scared to de-commit from Arizona. I think he'll let me look around out of respect. Publicly, I'm still committed, but my schools right now are down to Oregon, TCU, Illinois and Utah State. Those are the schools I'm going to official to and I talk to those other coaches on a daily basis."

Did your contact with Oregon more or less begin in the spring?

"No, coach Greatwood's been recruiting me since my sophomore year. I've know Greatwood since I was 14, 15 years old, so that's pretty cool."

How would you describe the kind of relationship you have with coach Greatwood?

"He doesn't try to sell you on anything. He doesn't say, ‘Well I can get you to the NFL, we have these facilities...', he kind of already knows that I know (Oregon) has it. He doesn't boast about it. He e-mails me pretty cool things, like links when they were in the national championship last year. I was always getting these really cool links that were pictures from his phone of the linemen working out, or all in the jacuzzi, or chillin' at the hotel they stayed at in Arizona that was a five-star hotel that was super sweet. My first handwritten letter was on September 2nd of my junior year when you could get contacted was from (Oregon) and the first phone call I ever got was from (Oregon head coach) Chip Kelly that morning; they've just gone out of their way to recruit me since I was pretty young."

Other than your relationship with coach Greatwood, what has you interest in Oregon as a program?

"First and foremost they win, which is attractive to basically any recruit. They have great facilities -- they probably have top five facilities in the country, my offensive line coach (Jim Adams) was a four-time All Pac-10 left tackle there and he loved it there. We don't talk too much about recruiting, but when I ask him about Oregon, he tells me how much he loved it there. It would be kind of cool to play where he played after getting coached by him and go there and try to be as good as him...One of our offensive lineman right now is getting pretty heavily recruited by everybody in the country, but he might end up there as well. It would be kind of cool to start a Bosco thing (at Oregon). Our offense is the exact same thing as Oregon...I don't know if they hand us their plays or it's because of our good relationship with their coaching staff, but we'll TiVo their games and put it on our editing software and we'll literally watch their game like we broke down our game. We'll literally copy plays from them...We're a copycat of Oregon. Our calls are the same. Coach Greatwood and my coach have a pretty good relationship and (if I went to Oregon) I'd be stepping in to the same exact system."

How would you describe yourself as a player?

"I'm a real physical guy, so basically my game is, you might be able to beat me a couple of plays in the beginning, but I'm going to keep pounding on you all game and usually be the end of the second quarter or halftime, they tap out. I go all the way through the whistle. Sometimes I get in trouble for it, but I go all the way through the whistle and get inside the guy's head. I'm more of a physical guy and that's why a lot of schools are recruiting me as a center or a guard. I play tackle out of necessity in high school, but I'm more of a center or guard; a kid in the trenches. I'm not dirty, because it sounds wrong, but I'm physical and I really play towards the end of the whistle."

Is there a player at the collegiate or professional level that you try and pattern your game after?

"Mark Asper for Oregon. It's funny you ask that. I was watching his videos the other day on YouTube. He's got a kid and a wife and everything like that...Mark Asper, that's my guy, I like watching him play. The way he picks up the running back in the end zone, I do that...I totally copy him. Everything he does, I copy; the same gloves and just how he does everything."

What are you looking for in a program?

"Continuity with my position coach because you're with him more than you're with your girlfriend or more than you're with your're basically with him more than anybody. So basically, a good relationship with my position coach -- which I have had with Greatwood since I was about 14 -- and basically, is the program stable? Coach Kelly is going to be there for awhile if he wants to be, so that's definitely something you have to look at. Also, facilities and education and all those kinds of things (too)."

Have you given any thought as to what you might want to study when you get to college?

"Yeah, I'm majoring in education and hopefully, if I don't play in the NFL, I'll be a graduate assistant wherever I get to play and work myself through the ranks so I can be a coach one day."

Have you taken any visits, unofficial or official, to the schools you're considering?

"No. I've never been to Illinois, never been to TCU...TCU's head coach (Gary Patterson) recruited my dad in junior college, so we have a really good relationship and they're going to be flying in for my game on Friday...The offensive line coach is going to be there. Illinois, they've been recruiting me like coach Greatwood has since literally my freshman year when I played varsity. They've been recruiting me forever...I haven't taken one official either. I took an unofficial to Arizona because it's kind of close with me being in Southern California -- it's only a four or five hour drive -- so I still have all five official visits."

Do you have a timetable for when you would ideally like to have a decision made?

"I don't really have a, ‘This is the day,' type thing. Hopefully, three or four weeks before Signing Day I can say, ‘Ok, it's between these two guys right now and I'll know next week.' I don't want to wake up on Signing Day and be like, ‘I don't know where I want to go.'"

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