Oregon Sees Brown On Offense

Once a verbal commit to Michigan, Lyndhurst (OH) Brush three-star tight end Pharaoh Brown has opened things up some after officially visiting Oregon this past weekend. According to Brown's head coach, Robert Atwood, Brown and his family thoroughly enjoyed the visit, leaving Eugene with plenty to ponder.

How did Pharaoh enjoy his official visit as a whole?

"He enjoyed the visit. He loved the atmosphere, that's for sure. He liked the facilities that they offered, he really enjoyed the coaching staff and the players that he got in contact with there. He really enjoyed his time with them. I think, in general, the family -- he, his mom and his uncle -- they just really liked what the school had to offer him. They left there pretty pleased."

What was it like for Pharaoh to sit down one-on-one with coach Kelly and the rest of the coaching staff?

"He said that they weren't real pushy like, ‘Hey, what are you thinking? Are you going to come to Oregon?' They told him that they hoped it was a place that he liked and that, ‘If you don't, that's ok too.' It was a pretty laid back approach to it where they weren't strong-arming him to do anything there (in terms of committing). They just said, ‘Enjoy your visit.‘ (The family) really liked that. They really liked it there, so we'll see what happens."

Did Pharaoh mention any one thing in particular that really stood out to him about his visit to Oregon?

"The one thing he talked about was they kind of have a plan for him. They're looking at him as a tight end and they said it was position of need and they talked to him kind of about where he would fit. The consistency of talking to the players and the coaches is something he really liked. What the players were telling him were exactly what the coaches were telling him, so I think the consistency in their approach really worked for him."

Does Pharaoh have a preference between playing offense or defense at the collegiate level?

"Going in to it, he was unsure, but I think after our season, he wants to play offense."

How would you describe Pharaoh as a player?

"He's never really played defense and he comes in and he's probably the best defensive player in our conference after never playing defensive end before. He had played maybe six or seven games there and he's the best in the conference. He was the defensive player of the year. He's a quick learner, a great athlete, his hands are REALLY good. I mean, he's got amazing hands and he's a great athlete."

What is Pharaoh's status with Michigan? Is he still committed?

"I talked to one of their coaches tonight and even though Pharaoh did not commit (to Oregon) they consider him a de-commit because he did take an official visit, so they have taken Pharaoh off of their commitment list."

Is distance a factor for Pharaoh?

"I don't think so. I think all along he's opened it up to the entire country and he just wants to find the right place for him. If it's the right place, he'll handle the travel."

Is Pharaoh now totally open when it comes to considering other programs?

"I don't know if they're going to be completely open because he's got an idea of a few places that he may want to visit and I know he was really pleased with his visit to Oregon."

What other schools is Pharaoh considering at this time?

"He's going through with his family this weekend and he's going to decide on a few, so that'll happen and we'll go from there. There's certainly a select group (of schools) that he would look at and he definitely liked his visit (to Oregon). Michigan is still recruiting him, but he's not a commitment right now until he can make a commitment to them so he can be on their commitment list."

Is there a timetable for when Pharaoh would like to have a firm decision made?

"Is think it's up in the air still...I know he's always been not wanting to wait. He doesn't want to wait till February (to make a decision). To give a timetable at this point, I have no idea. There's just a lot of chaos right now with phone calls (laughter)."

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