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After hosting a battery of coaches from programs across the country last week (including Oregon's Jerry Azzinaro) and attending Cal's recruiting bonanza in Berkeley this weekend, Guss Armstead, the father of Elk Grove (CA) Pleasant Grove five-star defensive lineman Arik Armstead, sat down with eDuck Sports and gave us the latest on his son's recruitment.

How was your in-home visit with Oregon last week?

"The in-home visit was cool. We had coach Azz (Jerry Azzinaro) come in and he did a good job of explaining the situation with Arik and the d-line and the system. He talked a lot about his philosophy and felt like Arik would fit in to their plan for a big d-line, as far as getting taller guys, so that was cool."

How long did you guys host coach Azzinaro for?

"He was here for two and a half, three hours."

Was coach Azzinaro the only coach from Oregon who visited you guys, or did other Oregon coaches accompany him?

"He was the only one. Coach (Gary) Campbell was down here before this year, but coach Azz was the only one (who visited). Coach Azz came to the school too and then he came over after that."

What other kinds of things did coach Azzinaro discuss with you and Arik during his in-home visit?

"He talked about the system and how Arik being a stronger, more athletic guy kind of fits in to the system that they have and being versatile and playing a couple of different spots. We heard a lot of dialogue about that and the mentality and philosophy of rotating guys and keeping guys fresh and that being one of the reasons they didn't have very many injuries (along the defensive line)."

Was there a specific moment during coach Azzinaro's visit with you and Arik that stood out the most?

"I think the main thing that we got out of it was that there clearly is a plan for Arik in terms of d-line and coach thinks that with his philosophy and his coaching style, that (Arik) can be a successful player."

As far as the basketball side of things go, have the Oregon basketball coaches continued to contact Arik?

"They haven't been by to visit, but Arik had a meeting with coach (Dana) Altman when we were up visiting. He and coach Altman had a discussion and he's called and we've talked on the phone a couple times. I think there's a clear understanding that Arik would be a pretty big part of what they would do with basketball."

What's the plan moving forward? Does Arik have any in-home or official visits scheduled for the next couple of weeks?

"We're still dealing with a couple of schools. We're still dealing with Washington, Texas, Auburn...those are places we haven't visited, so we're still talking to those schools. We may go visit Auburn in the next week. We just have to sit down and figure all of that out."

Is Arik considering being an early enrollee for the school he decides to commit to?

"Yeah, we've talked to all the schools about that option. He's in the process of taking a couple online college courses right now. If he can get that done, that has been a part of our plan the whole time."

Would that mean Arik is planning on making his decision prior to Signing Day?

"We don't know. We don't know when we'll be able to get that done, so we're just kind of taking it day-by-day, because we really don't know."

You were in Berkeley this weekend for Cal's big recruiting weekend. How did that go and how did Arik enjoy the overall experience there?

"It was good trip. We just got home and we're going to talk about everything. Right now, we're just getting home and we'll (eventually) sit down and process it, but it was a good trip. There was a lot of guys on the trip that Arik was familiar with, so it was a good trip."

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