LaMichael: Think About NFL Next Week

Los Angeles -- LaMichael James faced the media for the first time during Rose Bowl week and surprisingly, the first question was not about whether he is going to enter the NFL draft. James was first asked about how offensive lineman Mark Asper saved a man's life last night.

"It was directly behind me," James said of the incident at Lowery's Steak House in Los Angeles. "I didn't really catch the whole thing but I just caught a brief moment of it."

The Ducks were at the steak house as part of the Rose Bowl festivities. During the evening Mark Asper noticed Paul Diamond was having difficulty breathing. While Diamond's son Tom was attempting to perform a Heimlich maneuver on his father in order to dislodge a piece of steak stuck in Paul Diamond's throat, the younger Diamond was having trouble. So, Asper, 6-7, 310 and a former Eagle Scout stepped in and offered his services. Asper was able to successfully clear Diamond's airway with the Heimlich and what could have been a tragic story ended well.

"I think Mark (Asper) being 6-7 and 400 pounds (310), I think that also helped too," James said of Asper's heroics.

The question James has fielded several times since the end of the regular football season though, the one about him moving onto the NFL was asked later on in the media conference.

"I would be a fool not to consider it," James admitted when asked if the NFL is something he'd consider after the season is completely over. "I considered it last year but doesn't mean I'm going to leave. Doesn't mean anything. I'm not going to think about that until next week. I have to talk about things like that with my family and see what's the best thing for me. The best thing for me is looking forward to playing a great team like Wisconsin. My teammates come out here and practice hard each and every day, and so for me to come out and say, hey, I'm going to think about the NFL right now is totally selfish of me and I'm not going to do that."

James went on to say that "college is the best time of your life." James has high regards for his running backs coach Gary Campbell as well as Head Coach Chip Kelly.

James was asked if he was surprised by Matt Barkley's decision to stay for his senior year at USC and James indicated he was not.

"100 percent not," replied James to the question if he was surprised by Barkley's decision. "He did it. Andrew Luck did it. Things are changing now. I know Matt Barkley and he's a team guy. I talked to Andrew (Luck) and he's a team guy. I'm a team guy and I love my teammates. Not playing with those guys next year would be devastating to me so I'm just cherishing the moment right now."

"I have not been thinking about it," concluded James on the subject of him enter the NFL draft. "After the season maybe so but right now I'm enjoying the moment."

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