Harper Reveals New Decision Date, Talks UO

A one-time verbal commitment to Washington, Ontario (CA) Colony three-star athlete Bryan Harper has opened up his recruitment and is now focused on Oregon, UCLA, and Arizona. With Signing Day fast approaching, Harper talked to eDuck about his recent in-home visit with Oregon and the details surrounding a new decision date.

Describe your in-home visit with Oregon and how it went as a whole.

"Actually, it was just coach [Chip] Kelly that came by. I thought it went pretty good. He talked a lot about the school and really, he didn't need to say a lot cause they just went to the Rose Bowl. He talked a lot about himself, a lot about his coaching staff, and just tried to get me to feel more comfortable about the situation."

How long did you host coach Kelly in your home for?

"It was awhile. It was probably about three and half hours."

Did coach Kelly go in to depth about his plans for you, should you come to Oregon?

"Yeah. He said that he thinks that I fit with what they do real well. They have young, young corners but he thinks I can come in and play early. That's the same thing [defensive backs] coach [John] Neal told me when he came out. He told me that he had a plan for me to come in and play and come in and compete because he likes the things I do."

Have the Oregon coaches discussed with you at all the possibility of you playing offense if you came to Eugene?

"They've been talking to [wide receivers] coach Scott Frost about me and I guess he thinks I could do that well too. Wherever I end up playing, coach Kelly says they let guys decide where they want to play first and however it goes, that's how it works out."

Is the idea of playing offense something that intrigues you, or are you more set on playing on the defensive side of the ball?

"Well actually, playing offense, I think it would be a big thing for me because I've been playing quarterback. Since my freshman year, I've been the starting QB and I'm just used to having the ball in my hands. It should be interesting to see how it all plays out. I'm not saying it's going to play a huge factor if I can play offense here or there, but I think it's something to think about because I definitely want to have the ball in my hands."

Was there a specific moment during coach Kelly's visit with you that stood out to you the most?

"The ‘wow' moment for me was when he started talking about how long the coaching staff has been together. I didn't know that the past few years, they're the only school -- or I think he said they were the only school -- that hasn't lost a coach within his three years. He said there's been a lot of coaches that have been there for 20-plus years and they've been doing things the right way, so you just get accustomed to that. I think a lot of the coaches are comfortable there -- I mean obviously since they've been there for as long as some of those coaches have been there. That was really shocking to me to find out how long some of them coaches have been there."

Did you or you family have any questions for coach Kelly about his discussions with Tampa Bay for their head coaching position this past weekend? If so, what did he tell you about that situation?

"I did have some questions, but I didn't really have questions about the whole Tampa Bay thing. I had some questions about the campus and everything and like what they expect from their players and everything. He just said that he expects their players to come and work and work hard and control things you can control. Like you can control effort. That's what he talked about."

Are you planning on making your college choice on Tuesday?

"I thought about it a lot more and actually I'm going to go ahead and do it on Signing Day on the FOX Sports show, on their Signing Day special thing. I just figured that out with the FOX Sports people literally before I got on the phone with you."

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