Dockter to camp at Oregon. spoke Sunday night with Bobby Dockter, a 6-5, 285-pound lineman from Mukilteo (Wash.) Kamiak, and Bobby caught us up on all the things he's been doing this summer. He just returned from Washington's 'Day at the Lake', where he competed with some of the other top linemen in the area.

"It was almost exactly like our practices," Dockter said when asked about the various drills and techniqes line coaches Dan Cozzetto and Randy Hart were teaching that day. "But it was still good because when it comes to things like form, you can always work toward getting better."

This was the first time Dockter got a chance to see Cozzetto up close and personal. "I saw a little bit during their Junior Day," Bobby said. "I like him as a person. For the most part I'm pretty comfortable with how he is as a coach."

How was the competition? "Well, I don't want to sound too arrogant, but there just weren't that many bigger guys that matched up against me," he said. "There were a lot of smaller linemen out there. I was kind of surprised."

UW Strength coaches Pete Kaligis and Steve Emtman had a surprise waiting for the linemen at the end of the day. "First they had a throw that was like warming up for the shot put," Dockter said. "They had medicine balls and you threw them backwards over your head.

"Then there was a long jump contest, where you jumped three times and combined the jumps. And last there was a pushup contest." He said he finished top-3 in the first two events, but a sore wrist precluded him from doing pushups.

There have been some changes to Bobby's camping schedule, but not when it comes to his top-2 teams. "Well, I'm not going to be going to the Nike camp and I'm going to miss the first day of the Washington camp," he said.

Why? "Well, I'm one of the captains of our team this year, and we're going to be at a passing tournament at Washington State and I feel that it's important I be with my team."

He'll miss the Oregon Nike camp on the 14th due to taking the ACT, but he'll still be camping at Oregon on the 15th, then the WSU passing league, Washington's camp and then finishes with a camp at Stanford. "I'm still really open about recruiting right now, but the summer camps will really help me evaluate things," Dockter said.

Bobby just received another scholarship offer, this one courtesy of the Oregon State Beavers. And he reiterated his preference for Stanford and Washington at this time.

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