Will Oregon's Hamilton Pipeline Include Luke?

Chandler (AZ) Hamilton has made a habit of producing quality Division I/FBS talent for a long time, particularly for Oregon, which has established a strong foothold at the Phoenix-area school. Senior-to-be cornerback Cole Luke appears to be the next football player destined for greatness coming out of Hamilton, but are the Ducks in the mix?

Do you currently have an offer from Oregon?

"No, not yet."

What, if any, contact have you had with Oregon to this point in your recruiting process?

"I talked to them a few times at school. They had a recruiter coming down and I got pulled out of class and I talked to them a little bit about everything. I've talked to them about three times now."

When was the last time Oregon was in touch with you?

"It would have to be about two or three weeks ago."

Do you recall which coach from Oregon came down to visit you?

"I couldn't remember his first name, but his name was [John] Neal."

When coach Neal came to visit you, what kinds of things did you and him discuss?

"He seems like a nice guy, he was putting a good vibe out. We talked about what they have and what they have secondary-wise and who's coming up and stuff like that."

Did he mention when he might be getting in contact with you again?

"Yeah, he said -- cause you can't talk [to recruits] during this little period right now -- that he'd come down for spring ball in March I think and he's going to watch us do stuff."

Oregon has had a presence at Hamilton High School the last couple of seasons after landing Tyler Johnstone and Reggie Daniels. Have either of those guys been in your ear and does that have an impact on you as far as considering Oregon goes?

"Depends on who goes there and who I know, but it probably wouldn't have an impact on me. There's stuff I would do if I weren't going there [with them]. I talk to Reggie a lot, we're good friends. He told me [Oregon] is a good school and they have a good staff and all that, so I'll need to talk to him a little bit more and get more advice."

What is it about Oregon that stands out to you?

"It would probably be the coaching staff and just how good of a football team they are. I know they have a good coaching staff and they basically kind of run the Pac [12] a little bit, so that's a good thing."

How would you describe yourself as a player?

"I play the ball pretty well and I think speed comes in to play too."

Is there a guy at the collegiate or professional level that you try to pattern your game after?

"For college, it would probably have to be Tyrann Mathieu and NFL, it would probably be Charles Woodson."

What are you looking for in a program?

"One would probably be just a good football team that wins and second would be a good academic school and somewhere where I could play earlier than usual."

Are most schools evaluating you at cornerback or safety?

"I'm pretty sure right now it's corner, but people switch their opinions so who knows."

Have you given any thought as to what you might want to study when you get to college?

"Most likely it would be architecture."

What offers do you currently hold from other programs?

"Duke, Arizona State, Arizona, Oregon State, Washington, and Oklahoma."

Is there anyone at this point that hasn't offered you, but that you've had a lot of contact with?

"I would probably say Notre Dame is the next one [that might offer]."

Do you have a top five or a list of favorite schools at this point?

"Right now, no. My options are open."

As far as camps, unofficial visits, and Junior Days go, where have you been and where do you plan on going over the next few months?

"I've been to a Junior Day at ASU so far, I'll probably take an unofficial visit there...Offseason I'll mainly work out -- get faster, get bigger -- and then for camps and visits, I know I'm going to be taking a few unofficials, probably close [to home] so I can save my officials for my main schools and my top five when I get to that point."

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