Faaeteete and Roof: Mutual Admiration Society

According to David Faaeteete and Andy Roof, the greatest competition they faced at the June 14 Nike Football Camp was against each other.

"He's good, real good," Roof said speaking of Faaeteete. "I wasn't having any trouble with any of the guys until he came along."

The Nike Football Camp is divided into three parts: 1) tests and measurements, 2) Speed, Agility and Quickness (SAQ) training and 3) position drills. In the position drills the offensive linemen face the defensive linemen. This is where Roof met up with Faaeteete.

"He got me once and I got him once," said Faaeteete. "I enjoyed meeting him."

Faaeteete and Roof may see a lot more of each other in the future as Faaeteete has already given his verbal commitment to attend Oregon and Roof considers the Ducks one of his favorites.

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