Nike camp report - Dryden Long

Dryden Long is a 6-4, 276-pound lineman from Vancouver (Wash.) Columbia River, and is part of a very talented offensive line for the Chieftains that also includes Eddie Vickers. caught up with Dryden at the end of the Oregon Nike camp in Eugene and this is what he had to say about his day.

"It was great," Long said. "That was the best crowd you could come with. I drove down with (teammate) Bryan (Baird). It was totally worth the gas. It was about what I thought I would be in for. I wasn't really shocked, but I wasn't disappointed at all either. I thought it was a really great camp. I loved it.

"We got a lot of footwork stuff that condradicts a little bit with our coaching, so I'm going to go back and ask a few questions on that. But that shouldn't be a problem or anything. Coaching styles are different everywhere."

Dryden ran a 5.31 40, a 4.8 shuttle and jumped 23.5 inches in the vertical.

The Oregon Nike camp is just the beginning for Long. He'll be going to Washington State with his teammates for their team camp and may also attend part of Oregon State's camp before they leave to go down to Pullman. "The Oregon State coaches were talking about having us come up for a day," said Long. "They said they would pro-rate it for us. That might be good if I can come up with the extra cash." (laughs)

"I was hoping to go to the (Washington) Nike camp this week too, but school isn't out for us yet and I just can't afford to miss it."

Interest in Long is coming chiefly from Oregon, Oregon State, Washington and Washington State. There's no question that if Dryden had his choice he would love to stay in the northwest. "What's also interesting too is all the interest from the Ivy League schools," he said. "They've been sending me quite a few letters and that's nice to see. I want to go to into medicine one day, so that's why I'm thinking more about U-Dub right now because of their medical program. College football is great and I want to stay local. But if the east coast is where it's at, I'll do that too."

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