Vickers down to two? spoke Thursday with Ed Vickers, father of Eddie Vickers, a 6-4, 290-pound offensive lineman from Vancouver (Wash.) Columbia River. Eddie and his Chieftain teammates went east to Pullman, Washington to take part in Washington State's team camp. To say it went well for Vickers would be an understatement.

"He did great," Ed said of his son's performance. "He was the MVP of the camp (for OL) and they said they definitely have a scholarship waiting for him if he wants to take it. The only thing I asked of Eddie is to have him come home so we could talk about it first."

Vickers did say that Washington State wanted Eddie to make a commitment, but that it was important the family talk about it first. "Right now, if he had to choose I think he would probably choose Washington State," Ed said. "He was really impressed with their organization. But he was blown away by Oregon when he went to their spring game. And by the same token, he wasn't impressed at all with Washington. Their coach came in for a couple of minutes, talked, and then took off. All the guys Eddie went up with weren't impressed with that at all."

There's another reason Ed felt it was appropriate his son didn't make a rushed decision. "Oregon is looking at him hard and I'm pretty sure they are going to offer him a scholarship," he said.

The elder Vickers is unabashed about his support for the Ducks. "Well, about the time they were playing Bellevue in the playoffs he asked me," said Ed. "He said, 'Dad, if there was a school you wanted me to go to, where would it be?', and I said 'Oregon'. To me, the biggest thing is academics. That's the most important thing. And I've been through the recruiting process, so I know what to look for."

While Michigan and Michigan State appear to be very interested in finding out more on Vickers, Ed said that the two local schools have the clear inside track. "I would be shocked if he didn't choose between those two teams," he said of the Cougars and Ducks.

"One thing that's very important to me is that he has to go to a school where I can get to his games."

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