Could Williams Follow In Wallace's Footsteps?

In the past, Dallas (TX) Skyline has been very good to Oregon. In 2011, the Ducks plucked arguably the best linebacker in the state, out of the clutches of the Big 12's best programs, and in to hands of the Oregon coaching staff by signing Anthony Wallace. This year, the Ducks are back at Skyline, checking in on rising three-star linebacker and former Wallace protege, Isaiah Williams.

Do you currently have an offer from Oregon?

"No sir."

What kind of contact have you had with Oregon since the recruiting process started for you?

"I've been talking to coach ‘Al' (Nick Aliotti), the defensive coordinator, and I know him from a former player at Skyline who went up (to Oregon) -- Anthony Wallace -- and me and him are real cool. I really like Oregon because I feel like if I go up there, even though I might not get early playing time, I'll be behind a player that I know will teach me everything because he taught me everything at Skyline when he went there."

How often do you speak with coach Aliotti?

"I've only been in contact with coach ‘Al' once and that's when he came to my school. Other than that, I haven't talked to him since."

How long ago did coach Aliotti come to your school?

"Just about a couple of weeks ago, I really don't remember (exactly when)."

In your conversation with coach Aliotti, what kinds of things did he discuss with you?

"He liked that I was juggling so much in my life. He liked that I play football, I was a good student, and I also work. He liked that. He didn't offer me because he wanted to see me at linebacker because that's what I'm being recruited as. He said to send him my first two games and I guess we'll go from there."

What is your overall interest in Oregon at this point?

"Oh yeah, it's very high. Very high. I'd really like to go to Oregon."

Is there anything in particular about the school and the program that stands out to you?

"I like the conference; the Pac-12 is getting stronger. Also, they're winning and they're winning in a strong conference and that's always a plus. They're going to BCS bowls, and that's a plus, and it's close to my other family in California, so they'll get a chance to see me play out there."

Is distance a factor for you at all?

"I don't see anything wrong with distance."

How would you describe yourself as a player?

"I'd say I move real well for my size and also I can cover a lot of receivers -- slots and running backs -- a lot better than they think I can cover, so I think that's a plus. I read my keys real well and with me coming back to linebacker, I really don't see it as a problem as I thought I would. When coaches came down here, they really didn't see it was a problem for me to transition and they just saw me as an athlete."

Is there a player at the collegiate or professional level that you try to pattern your game after?

"Patrick Willis...I really don't see that Ray Lewis can be replaced, but if there was a guy that's close to Ray Lewis, that would have to be Patrick Willis. Just like, you know, a lot of people say that Kobe (Bryant) is close to (Michael) Jordan. There will never be another Jordan, but we have someone who is close."

What are you looking for in a program?

"The depth chart -- who's leaving, who's coming -- the coaching staff and are any coaches on the seat, who they play on their schedule, and what kind of competition I could have at that school."

Have you given any thought as to what you might want to study when you get to college?

"Yes, I have two majors in mind: criminal justice and business real estate."

What are some of the offers that you have right now?

"SMU, Colorado, and Kansas State."

Are there any other programs who you've been hearing from lately, but have yet to offer?

"Texas A&M, Central Florida, New Mexico, West Virginia, Arkansas, and that's about it."

Do you have a top five or a list of favorites at this point?

"No sir, I haven't really sat down and done that yet."

As far as camps and unofficial visits go, where have you been and where do you plan on going over the next few months?

"The only camp that I have in mind that I'm probably going to attend is the Texas A&M camp."

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