Ducks "Most Definitely" In Top 5 For McDonald

Hialeah (FL) Champagnat Catholic School coach Mike Tunsil describes his pupil and three-star linebacker Ike McDonald as a "freak of nature." Having lined up at virtually every position on defense and even starring at running back on offense, Tunsil compares McDonald to former Florida Gator and NFL All-Pro Jevon Kearse, who possessed similar athleticism as McDonald as a prepster.

Does Ike currently have an offer from Oregon?

"Yes he does. Coach (Nick) Aliotti came down here during the spring evaluation period and gave him an offer at outside linebacker."

How often has coach Aliotti been in contact with Ike since the recruiting process started for him?

?"He reached out to him. Like I said, he came down here in the spring and after that, he's talked to him at least once a week...He didn't get to actually meet up with Ike -- they can'd do that -- he actually met up with me. He talked about the things that he liked about Ike on film and the ways that Ike could help them if he went up there."

Did coach Aliotti mention anything specifically that he really liked about Ike?

"How physical he is and just that long range. He's 6'6'' and plays outside ‘backer, so you know he can cover a lot of ground real quick and in their defense, they can stand him up and rush him off the edge. They definitely are interested in getting him up there."

Has coach Aliotti been the only coach from Oregon that Ike has been in contact with?

"No, he also talked to the defensive backs coach (John Neal) and the linebackers coach (Don Pellum). He basically talked to the whole defensive staff."

What is Ike's overall interest in Oregon at this point?

"He's very interested. Right now, we're not focused too much on recruiting -- we're trying to get our team together -- but he'll definitely have a top five by the end of July and most definitely Oregon should be in there."

Is distance going to be a factor for Ike?

"No, that won't be a factor at all. It's the type of school that is far away from his home, but being away from home is no problem for Isaac -- he's originally from Georgia. Distance definitely won't be a problem."

How would you describe Ike as a player?

"A freak of nature. He's a legit 6'6'', 215 lbs and as a 10th grader, he played free safety for us. Last year, he dropped down to outside linebacker. He's physical and smart; the average 6'6'' kid can't do the things that Ike does. You can put him at safety, put him at linebacker, put him at defensive end, you could even put him in the backfield -- you look at his highlight tape, he's a running back, too."

Is there a player at the collegiate or professional level that he reminds you of at all?

"I think Jevon Kearse. Jevon Kearse was from Florida and in high school, he played a lot of different positions until he grew in to a defensive end. I could really see him being like Jevon Kearse. In high school, Jevon Kearse played receiver, outside ‘backer, safety...he was just so athletic and if I had to compare Isaac to anybody right now, it'd be Jevon Kearse."

Has Ike expressed to you what he's looking for in a program?

"Basically a good relationship with the coaches; you definitely don't want to go off to college and not have a great relationship with your coaches, so that's the first thing. Academics is always up there, but for the most part, coaching is going to be the reason he makes a decision."

Has Ike mentioned what he might want to study when he gets to college?

"Right now he's undecided. He's in between sports management and business, so he's wavering and he still has time (to figure that out)."

Who does Ike hold offers from right now?

"I'm not even going to lie to you, it's so many it's hard to keep track. He's well over 28 offers."

Is there a group of schools standing out to Ike at this point?

"Right now, he's open. We're concentrating on getting our team together and like I said, at the end of July, he'll definitely have a top five for everybody...Right now, I don't think any school coaching wise is standing out to him, he's just weeding through everything right now."

As far as camps and unofficial visits go, does Ike have anything planned out over the next few months?

"He's done with camps for now. Right now, we're just going in to our team stuff and 7-on-7 and different 7-on-7 camps, but as far as individual stuff he's got nothing set up."

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