Tyree Robinson says Oregon "Is Number One"

Tyree Robinson (San Digeo, CA, three-star ATH), from Lincoln Senior HS, along with his brother Tyrell, have become an attractive two-sport duo for several top schools on the 2013 recruiting front. And being a package deal, only one school will have the fortune of landing them come signing day.

Tyree, currently in a boot due to a fracture he suffered at a camp over the summer, is hoping to heal up as soon as possible to join his brother back on the football field. He said that he will start physical therapy once his boot is removed next week and that he does expect to play this season.

On the recruiting front, Tyree said that he has kept in contact with Oregon linebackers coach and recruiting coordinator Don Pellum as well as basketball assistant coach Tony Stubblefield. He and Tyrell have delayed their official visit for a few weeks, but Tyree did say that Oregon "is number one" for he and his brother.

Tyree cited the growth of the basketball team, the sport that he called his "first love", and the rise of the football program for putting the Ducks as a frontrunner.

"They compete every year for the number one spot," he said in reference to the football team.

When it comes to basketball, he said he thinks that he and his brother could help incoming freshman Dominic Arits take the program to new heights.

"They could be a powerhouse," he said.

When the Robinson brothers do visit, Tyree said he's looking forward to checking out the Oregon atmosphere. He said that the football team is still recruiting him as an athlete.

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