Another Hit for the Ducks

If the news Sunday that safety John Boyett would miss the remainder of the season felt like a punch to the gut, Carson York's season-ending injury was another powerful body blow.

EUGENE-Ore.,- York announced Monday that he would undergo yet another surgery on his right knee, this one to repair a broken patella (kneecap).

"It's like we repaired the cable, and instead of the cable breaking again, the wall broke," York explained, leaning on crutches after Monday's practice.

York said that to his knowledge the injury was not related to the patella tendon injury he suffered in the Rose Bowl and described it as "freak stuff." York will go under the knife tomorrow.

York remained grateful of the opportunity despite the circumstances, lauding the experience he's had since arriving in Eugene.

"I'm a pretty lucky individual," York said. "I'm not going to sit here and give a Lou Gehrig ‘luckiest guy alive speech,' but the experience that I've had over the last 3 or 4 years is a whole lot more than I ever thought I'd get."

In two days the Ducks have lost two vocal senior leaders, but both players intend to remain part of the team despite being sidelined by injuries.

"I'll be around every day for the rest of the year. I'm just as much invested in the success of the team as I was before," York said and Boyett delivered a similar stance in a story printed by the Napa Valley Register Sunday.

Avery Patterson, who stepped in for the injured Boyett over the weekend, said he'd already noticed the senior's influence on the sidelines.

"Even in the game he pointed out certain things and helped me when he saw a formation alignment. He's one of the smartest players I've been around."

Brian Jackson, who started next to Boyett at rover in the opener, said that Boyett's absence would just motivate the unit that much more.

"I told John, ‘man I'm going to play this game for you,'" he said. "Every game from here is going to be for him. You do that by playing as hard as you can, being just like he would."

Patterson and sophomore Erick Dargan will look to fill at free safety, and while neither has started prior to last weekend, Patterson is confident in his ability.

"I've practiced all spring and all fall camp. I'm prepared to step up, it's my time."

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