Bennett at Running Back?

Reserve quarterback Bryan Bennett may take on a new role that would put him in the backfield as a running back, running backs coach Gary Campbell said Monday.

EUGENE,Ore.- Bennett, who lost the job this fall to freshman Marcus Mariota possesses great speed and athleticism and apparently we will see those attributes in display this season.

"He's been hounding me for a couple years now to get him on my board. I've got all the running backs pictures up there," Campbell explained. "So finally I've got him right in the middle there. I showed it to him and he was real happy."

Fans may remember Bennett lining up beside Mariota twice during Saturday's game, once motioning wide before a Mariota interception and the second time receiving a handoff before a false start penalty whistled the play dead.

It might be a stretch, but one may draw parallels to what the Jets have done with quarterback Tim Tebow this season, using specific formations to utilize his skill set. Or the former Steeler Kordell Stewart, whose versatility earned him the nickname "Slash".

The magnitude of this role was unclear, however and Campbell went on to add that freshman back Byron Marshall had earned the opportunity to see extended play in Pac-12 play.

"I think he's a guy who can go in there and handle 10-12 carries. He needs to get in a little bit better shape, he got a little winded on Saturday," he said.

Offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich expects each freshmen that has seen play this season to play a role in conference play, the significance varying player-to-player.

"We're going to need all of those guys. We're going to need everybody that's playing right now. Whether it's a long-term deal or just a helmet coming off," Helfrich said.


Marcus Mariota

On sustaining momentum for entire game:

"That's been one of our key points in practice: to continue to finish. Towards the end of practice, we've got to continue to finish."

Mark Helfrich

On the importance of penalties to a team:

"Penalties, if you look at the real stats, they don't matter. Some of the mostly highly penalized teams win the most games. That's one of those weird stats, if you look at that through the years, it doesn't have that great an effect on winning or losing.

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