Kelly Presser Recap

The phraseologies have been said time and time again by the Oregon coaches and regurgitated by their players: " We play against a faceless opponent," "Every game is our Super Bowl," and like Monday "We don't talk about rivalries".

EUGENE, Ore.- That line of thinking starts at the top with head coach Chip Kelly, who brought the philosophy with him when he took over as head man four years ago.

Implementing such an attitude may seem difficult, as it was a change in stance from the Mike Bellotti regime which often described rivalries as such, but Kelly said Tuesday that it wasn't.

"I think with our players it wasn't a difficult process, because a lot of those guys don't know who was here 10 years ago," Kelly explained during his Tuesday press conference. "We've got kids who are 17, 18, 19 years old, if you talk 10 years ago they were seven and eight. At seven and eight they were into SpongeBob SquarePants, they weren't worried about Joey Harrington."

Asked what makes the Washington rivalry so special, Kelly said dryly "We're both good teams." It's that simple apparently, but perhaps also that complicated.

What isn't that complicated is who starts, Kelly explained that often times it's more about proximity than anything else, as was the case for senior wide receiver Will Murphy who made his first career start against Washington State.

"Sometimes it's who's standing closest to you. Seriously," he said.

Closeness to the coaching staff also affects who plays each play, Kelly said, using last year's Rose Bowl as an example. Kenjon Barner caught a 54-yard touchdown pass from Darron Thomas, Barner's presence in the game was aided by another's who wasn't close enough to Kelly.

"I looked at De'Anthony and said ‘That's your fault. I was calling it for you, but you weren't close enough to me. Kenjon gets the glory because he's in the end zone, because you weren't close enough to me."

Apparently, Kelly says, the players haven't wised up to the scheme.

"They've haven't figured it out, so don't print that. I don't think they know the rhyme or reason."

Of course the entire proximity concept might be a little facetious (or a lot), and Kelly followed it up by explaining the importance of preparation.

"They know if you practice really hard, you're going to get a chance with this team."


On sacks being contagious:

"We talk about that, great plays rub off. We want to celebrate as a team. If someone is doing something well, you want to see if you can rub that off on yourself."

On starting two sophomore corners:

"I don't look at them, even though they're sophomores, as young or inexperienced. The key to the three of those guys is that they practice really hard.

Kelly also explained that redshirting freshmen quarterbacks Jeff Lockie and Jake Rodrigues will alternate travelling to each road game. Kelly was complimentary of both kids development.

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