Clay "Feeling Awesome", Status Still Unknown

The health of linebacker and defensive captain Michael Clay has been in question since the senior was hamstrung by a hamstring injury against Washington State.

Eugene, Ore.- Clay did not play against the Huskies last weekend and many had hoped that the extra time supplied by the bye week would be enough recovery for a return against Arizona State.

Clay was enthusiastic about his condition Monday, saying he was "feeling awesome," but would not discuss whether he would be full go Thursday night.

Clay was in full pads, but that is the norm for most injured and suspended players who are capable of wearing them.

One observation, however, was that Clay's undershirt appeared to be soaking wet, meaning that at the very least he participated in some form of conditioning drills.

Clay did acknowledge that he had "lived in the treatment center" for the past week.

Head coach Chip Kelly would do little more than identify his star backer when asked how he looked.

"Looks good, about 5-11, about 210," he said.

Kelly was likewise tongue-in-cheek about the first BCS rankings, which placed the Ducks behind Florida despite being ranked ahead of the Gators in both human polls.

"I think the computers had a big problem because we play so many night games," Kelly said. "I think maybe the computers shut off at night. The AP, the Harris poll and the human element they stay up late, but maybe they have to look at the computers and see how late they stay up.

"I have no idea [about the ranking's importance], it means absolutely nothing," he added.

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