Helfrich: We Didn't Play That Well

The first 18 minutes of Thursday's victory over Arizona State seemed to have followed script. The Ducks burst out to a 43-7 lead with 11:33 remaining in the second quarter and from there coasted to a win.

EUGENE, Ore.- Things were far from perfect, however, offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich said Monday, keying on technical and assignment-based mistakes that he and the staff recognized Thursday.

"We didn't play that well," Helfrich said.

How a team can fail to play well and proceed to annihilate an opponent seems unfathomable, but Helfrich pointed out a few individual efforts as well as an unlikely factor.

"Sometimes you get lucky," he said. "Usually with this offense, it takes 11 guys, we had a couple of times where we had nine guys doing the right thing and it worked out. That's not always going to be the case."

One of the great individual efforts according to Helfrich came from quarterback Marcus Mariota, who rushed for a career-high 135 yards, 86 of which came on a long touchdown scamper that exhibited his great speed.

"That has to be part of our deal and will be part of our deal," Helfrich said of Mariota's running ability.

Often times young quarterbacks struggle with what Helfrich termed "instantaneous common sense" ("Should I have the ball or should that guy have the ball") in the read-option, with the tendency being to either extreme.

"Sometimes as a young guy you kind of go into the ‘I'm going to hand it off and be safe' funk or ‘I'm pulling everything and try to make every play possible'," he said.

Thus far, Mariota has done a "pretty good job" Helfrich said, expounding on it by saying he hopes Mariota can get it right "90 plus percent" of the time.

Helfrich complimented the defense on playing "complimentary football", which aided the offenses success.

Linebacker Michael Clay called the defensive effort great, but hopes to "expand 18 great minutes to 60 great minutes for the rest of the year."

An interesting trend, Oregon's first seven opponent each ran spread-based attacks, according to Clay the next five all run pro-style attacks. Hopefully facing the weakest of the five first will give the Ducks an opportunity for some in-game prep work.


Chip Kelly

On BCS rankings:

"I've seen too many coaches complain in October. Then you lose the next week and you're out of it. That's not going to happen here. That's not going to happen with these guys. That's not going to happen with this coaching staff."

On Oregon's performance against Arizona State:

"Whenever you look at the tape, you're never as good as you think you are or as bad as you think you are. There are always things that we can do better."

On failing to play a competitive fourth quarter:

"I'd rather have it that way than the other way."

Mark Helfrich

On Bryan Bennett's touchdown pass to Mariota:

"Those guys have a really good relationship. That was one of those things where it better be a touchdown."

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