Helfrich: Guys Bounced Back

The first practice following defeat is often the most important one. The importance of Monday's practice may have been amplified by the irregularity of losing within the Oregon football program.

EUGENE, Ore.,- Of the 44 players on Saturday's two-deep, 13 had never lost a game in an Oregon uniform. Moreover, 29 had only lost twice before Saturday's 17-14 loss to Stanford.

"It's always interesting to see guy's reactions. How can you handle success and how can you handle a bump in the road?" offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich said Monday.

Chip Kelly attributes part of the team's success to how consistent they are not only on Saturday's, but also Monday through Friday. Nothing was out of the ordinary Monday he said, as the team went through position meetings before taking the practice field.

The meetings were a bit more "somber" than usual, linebacker Michael Clay said, but once they entered the Moshofsky Center for practice, it was back to business.

"We didn't have to yell at anyone to get them going. Everyone knew what they were supposed to do: come out and practice," Clay said.

"We made a pact," Helfrich said. "We closed a door on that meeting, we closed the door on that game and we moved on."

The practice itself went "really well," Kelly said, and that was encouraging but not unexpected.

"Our guys bounced back and had a really good practice. That's a positive sign and one we can tangibly show them and move on," Helfrich said.

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