GoDucks offers increased access to Quack Cave

EUGENE, Ore. -- In time for the school's appearance in the Fiesta Bowl against Kansas State University, the University of Oregon's Athletic Department is pleased to announce that it is providing Duck Fans with a live, real-time peek inside its cutting edge social media command center, the Quack Cave, via GoDucks.com.

Interested members of the Ducks community can access a streamlined version of the Quack Cave, and supplement their event experience by consuming Oregon's visualized social media content, either in real-time, or after the game as a way to relive and/or recapture all the excitement.

The public facing version of the Quack Cave highlights four key areas of content:

· One tab, titled the "Quack Cave", features a "best of" compilation of social media content.

· A second tab, titled "Official Ducks" includes all of the University's official social media streams, as well as individual tab views for many of the University sports teams

· A third tab is titled "Personalities" and includes content being shared by coaches and staff members, as well as student athletes themselves.

· The last tab titled "Duck Fans" features content generated by the fans themselves via Duck-specific hashtags such as #GoDucks, #QuackCave or #NationalBrand. By aggregating, moderating and visualizing user-generated content, the Quack Cave facilitates increased conversation and sharing amongst the Ducks' online community.

Launched in August, the Quack Cave is located deep in the bowels of Autzen Stadium, and is powered by Postano™, the innovative social media visualization platform. The Quack Cave enables its student volunteers to review, moderate and share the 150,000+ posts generated by fans every football game. This has allowed the school to facilitate increased social sharing and national buzz around the Duck brand.

While the Quack Cave has initially been focused on supporting football, it is expected that the command center will expand within its role as the hub of Oregon social media engagement.

"The Quack Cave has delivered on each and every one of our objectives, and the technologies that we have invested in, such as Postano™, have enabled our student volunteers to fully leverage the content and energy being created by Duck Fans nationwide, and facilitate increased interaction within the community. We look forward to utilizing the Quack Cave's proven capabilities to further enhance and support all of the school's athletic endeavors going forward," said Craig Pintens, Senior Associate Athletic Director for the University of Oregon Athletic Department.

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