More notes on Oregon High School Players

As football season nears, interest in potential recruits heightens. A camp was held in June at the University of Oregon, sponsored by Nike, Inc and several Oregon high school players participated. Here are our notes on players that may have a chance at playing Division I football.

Last week eDuck Sports published notes on the big men of Oregon High School class of 2002. This report focuses on other players.

Legedu Naanee, Franklin, Portland, OR, Ath, 6-1.5, 202, 4.75, 35.8, 12, 4.22. This fellow plays QB. The PIL is not a league known to produce D1 players; so he is a little behind others attending stronger football programs. He has tremendous skills though and is a sure D1 bet.

Shem Hardnette, Franklin, Portland, OR, RB/WR, 5-11, 191, 4.50, 35.9, 10, 4.03. Shem plays with Naanee so see above comments. Looks to be a safety prospect or athlete if durable enough. He looked good at the camp. One of the fastest guys there particularly for his size. Legitimate DI prospect.

J.D. Groves, McNary, Oregon, LB, 6-1.5, 225, 4.63, 29.3, 17, 4.26. Anybody that is a Legitimate 222 pounds and runs like this guy can play. He has excellent strength and tenacity.

Ryan Jordan, Thurston, Springfield, OR, FB/LB, 6-0, 212, 4.66, 31.6, 18, 4.00. This guy could be a "tweener," caught the ball well and he appears very tough. Might be a good full back in college. Need to watch his senior year.

Brandon Roosevelt, Wilsonville, OR, WR, 6-0, 157, 4.49, 35.5, 4.06. One of the fastest guys at camp. He may be the best WR prospect in Oregon. Has some moves, but needs to work on catching the ball.

Ryan Force, Lakeridge, OR, DB/WR, 6-1, 179, 4.59, 30.7, 10, 4.27. This guy may be a safety prospect. He looks good but has a ways to go. Comes from a decent football school; maybe on the bubble.

Troy Follmar, Saratoga, OR, TE, 6-2.5, 216, 4.84, 31.6, 19, 4.36. Has the potential to get bigger and would need to. Solid football player though, also on the bubble.

Kyle Faulk, Jesuit, Portland, OR, WR/DB, 6-0, 182, 4.50, 34.0, 17, 4.15. Good combination of size and speed. Jesuit is a good school for turning out prospects.

Quinn Faino, Central Catholic, WR, 6-2.5, 171, 4.53, 32.0, 9, 3.91. Looks like Faulk above in many respects. Wait and see.

There are four QB prospects in Oregon (excluding Naanee who did throw some nice balls at camp):
Ryan Gunderson, Central Catholic, Portland, OR, 6-4.5, 204, 4.85, 25.2, 4.45
Ryan Thorson, Sandy, OR, 6-5.5, 194, 4.91, 27.4, 4.29
Josh Vanlue, South Salem, OR, QB, 6-4.5, 208, 4.90, 4.42
Matt Jirges, Gervais, OR, 6-3, 214, 4.75, 28.7, 17, 4.25

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