Findings Consistent With Recommendations

Eugene, OR - The NCAA has concluded its two-year inquiry into the University of Oregon's football program and the Committee on Infractions has issued its findings which were substantially consistent with recommendations by the University of Oregon.

The violations in the case center on the football program's use of recruiting services and include the impermissible placing of administrative phone calls. Two of the allegations regarding recruiting services used in 2008 and 2009 set forth by the NCAA, were unsubstantiated as the University complied with existing NCAA bylaws during that period.

The facts were determined and agreed to in principle by the NCAA Enforcement Staff and the University of Oregon in March 2012. In their report the NCAA Committee On Infractions stated the University was fully cooperative with the investigation.

NCAA Committee on Infractions member Gregory Sankey praised the University of Oregon's cooperation amidst a change in leadership: "The current athletics director came aboard right as this became breaking news and they (president and athletic director) helped guide from a presidential standpoint - and even before with the previous president and current athletics director - in a successful way."

"The University of Oregon has tremendous respect for both the NCAA and the enforcement process established by its member institutions' to monitor intercollegiate athletics," said Rob Mullens, Director of Athletics.

"Since the outset of this lengthy inquiry, we have worked diligently to cooperate with the NCAA Enforcement Staff to ascertain the facts and we have abided by NCAA confidentiality rules in discussing this matter. As we have stated from the beginning, we are fully committed to operating within NCAA Bylaws and accept responsibility for any violations committed by current or former members of our staff.

"Throughout this process, there has been speculation and innuendo regarding the nature and severity of potential violations, much of which was unfounded. As stated by the NCAA Enforcement Staff, the violations committed in this case were unintentional.

"The University of Oregon remains committed to fair play, integrity and the best interests of our student-athletes. We have all learned from this experience and look forward to continuing the progress of broad-based excellence in Oregon athletics."

The Committee on Infractions imposed penalties, including recruiting restrictions, one scholarship reduction for two years, and a three-year probation for the University. The report includes additional details on sanctions. Many of the penalties were self-imposed by the University and the self-identified corrective measures set forth by the University of Oregon were accepted by the Committee on Infractions.

"The University of Oregon takes compliance with both the letter and the spirit of NCAA regulations very seriously," said University of Oregon President Michael Gottfredson. "Integrity is paramount at Oregon, both in academics and athletics. We cooperated fully with the investigation, and I will continue to emphasize our commitment to compliance in Oregon athletics."

NCAA Committee on Infractions Report

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