Virginia Week: Thursday

Saturday, Oregon (1-0) makes the most eastward appearance since the Ducks played Army decades ago by travelling to the University of Virginia at Charlottesville. No. 2 Oregon is coming off a 66-3 win over Nicholls State University while Virginia (1-0) started the season by knocking off BYU 19-16.

East Coast eyes

The Washington Post offers this piece on the upcoming match up, Virginia football team braces for Oregon following season-opening victory over BYU. The Ducks have longed for attention from East Coast votes in the polls and going to home of Jefferson won't hurt at all.

The Boston Harold believes that Virginia has 'to put points' up vs No. 2 Oregon

Meanwhile on Virginia's home front

The Cavaliers official website posted this piece on Offense Sees Much Room for Improvement

The top story today from Charlottesville's home news paper, The Daily Progress asks Does Oregon have a weakness?

Closer to the Duck Pond

Ken Goe of The Oregonian gets Five questions about Virginia with Andrew Ramspacher of The Daily Progress.

Stephen Alexander presented Aliotti wants to 'snuff' opponents in Thursday's online version of The Portland Tribune

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