Roberts wants to visit Oregon

Bellevue (Wash.) offensive tackle Henry Roberts discusses his team's chances in the playoffs and the latest in his recruitment.

Bellevue (Wash.) offensive lineman Henry Roberts has been enjoying a successful junior campaign in 2013. Not only have the Wolverines gone 9-0 in regular season play, but Roberts play has earned him some extra attention on the recruiting front. The four-star prospect is listed as the 21st best offensive tackle nationally for the 2015 class and is confident is his team's ability to finish the season on top.

"I don't want to jinx anything, but I do think we are going to be back playing for a championship," Roberts said.

Roberts has been lauded for his ability to learn quickly and for his good footwork from live evaluations this season, but the 6-foot-6, 262-pound athlete prides himself on his downfield blocking efforts and his passion for the game. However, he is already focused on how he can improve for his senior season and it starts with putting on more weight.

"I think, right now, for my size I'm strong," Roberts said. "But I think that my game could go so much higher if I gained 30 pounds and got stronger."

Already, Roberts has listed offers from Arizona, Arizona State, UCLA and has held a longtime offer from nearby Washington. He praised his coaches for the help they've given him early on in the recruiting process, which has allowed him to focus on improving his game.

"I've learned that you just have to play your ass off for your team and then the coaches will really take care of all of the rest," Roberts said.

Of the schools that haven't offered, Oregon is one that Roberts has expressed interest in. The feeling is apparently mutual, as Roberts mentioned messaging offensive line coach Steve Greatwood on a weekly basis and developing a bond with him.

"I think we are building a bond on a personal level," Roberts said. "Now it's not so much coach/recruit, it's more friendly."

Roberts is hearing from some new schools as well, but said a few Pac-12 programs are staying on him the most.

"Washington State is focusing on me and I get a lot of messages from them. I get quite a bit of stuff from Nebraska…UCLA too," Roberts said. "But, right now I think Oregon is definitely in the top, Arizona State and UW."

Roberts plans on visiting Oregon, Stanford and possibly UCLA and Arizona State after the season. On his visits, he said that he's just going to go along for the ride and that when it does come time to make a decision down the line, he'll rely on instinct.

"I'm sure that people get that gut feeling where they go to a college and they know when they step on the campus," Roberts said. "I'm just looking for some feeling or indication like that."

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